Progress Report: Only 3 Vick Dogs from Best Friends Adopted in 35 Months

Dismal Results Jackson, MS - The Clarion-Ledger recently published an article about the adoptability of pit bulls seized in dogfighting operations. Ledy VanKavage of Best Friends is quoted in the article. The Ledger took an interest in dogfighting after the February mauling death of Anastasia Bingham, which involved at least one fighting pit bull, an uncooperative family and a Grand Jury that assigned no charges in her death. In June, Hinds County adopted a pit bull law.1… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull Dog Aggression: East Texas Man Dies Fighting Off Pit Bulls

Richard Martratt, Canton Animal Control, Michael Miller and Sheriff Pat Burnett. "Non Bite" Fatality Van Zandt County, TX - It was reported over the holiday weekend that a 64-year old man died, apparently due to a heart attack, and a 78-year old woman suffered head injuries after intervening in a dog fight involving two pit bull type dogs. The dogs escaped their owner's property and attacked Joan Hardin's border collie. Hardin had been outside, along with the dog, unloading… [Read full blog post]

2010 Dog Bite Fatality: Dillon County Man, 25, Killed by Pet Pit Bull

Justin Lane, 25-years old, was fatally attacked by his pit bull named Smoke. Victim Identified Latta, SC - Dillon County Sheriff's Office reports that a man found dead in his home on Skillet Road was killed by the family pit bull. Justin Lane, 25-years old, lived in the home with his mother. Lane's body was discovered Wednesday, but he was killed Tuesday. Currently, investigators aren't releasing the exact cause of death, just that the death was caused by the dog. Police remov… [Read full blog post]

2010 Dog Bite Fatality: Western Iowa Woman's Death Attributed to Dog Bite

Shirley Bird, 79-years old, was attacked and killed by her German shepherd. Victim: Shirley Bird Ida Grove, IA - Earlier this week, 79-year old Shirley Lou Bird of Ida Grove was found dead in her home. An autopsy was conducted by the State Medical Examiner on Tuesday in Ankeny. Bird’s body had several bite marks including a deep wound on her arm. Ida County Sheriff's officials believe the victim was bitten by her German shepherd several times and subsequently died from blood… [Read full blog post]

2010 Dog Bite Fatality: Pack of Dogs Kills 5-Year Old East Alabama Boy

Cason Bryant, 5-years old, was killed by a pack of mixed-breed dogs. Funeral Arrangements Set UPDATE 11/17/10: Russell County Sheriff-Elect Health Taylor says his office determined that 5 of the 12 mixed-breed dogs attacked the child. All of the dogs were voluntarily handed over to be euthanized. All but one of the dogs belonged to the victim's neighbor, who remains unnamed, the other belonged to the victim's family. Criminal charges are unlikely against the neighbor des… [Read full blog post]

2010 Dog Bite Fatality: Moreno Valley Woman Killed by Neighbor's Two Dogs

53-years old, was savagely killed by her neighbor's two pit bull-mixes. Criminal Charges Sought UPDATE 11/17/10: Police said today that they are seeking charges against the owners of the two pit bull-mix dogs that killed a woman who had been in the midst of moving out after the dogs repeatedly broke through her fence. Police Sgt. Jaime Briones said investigators intend to present the case to the Riverside County district attorney's office seeking involuntary manslaughte… [Read full blog post]