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4 thoughts on “Henry County Teenager Struck and Killed by Two Cars After Fleeing Pit Bull

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  1. User Jody left the following comment at the news article:

    To Shannon………..If that damn dog was penned up like it was suppose to be Miracle would not have lost her life over that dog. And yes i would blame the bully if my child was trying to get away from them and they got hurt. U must not have children or a heart. Miracle died over a stupid dog. I love animals but as a dog owner i would feel like it was my fault as it is the owners fault of that dog. If they would have done what they was suppose to do as a dog onwer none of this would have happen. If a drunk driver hit and or kiled one of ur family members would u hold them responsible? After all its not the cars fault………. The owner of the dog should have to pay for damages to the car that hit Miracle(cause if the dog had not chased her into the road she would not have been hit and killed) and for Miracle losing her life. U have no idea how the parents of Miracle is handling the death of their child because of this ignorant pet owner. We (her family) are having to bury her at a young age. We cant have a open casket funeral or a viewing/wake due to the dog running her into the road causing her to be hit and killed. Until u have been in our place dont judge the parents and other people because we want the owner held responsible. They knew the dog was aggressive and did not take the responsibility to make sure the dog did not cause harm to anyone, therefore they ARE at fault!

  2. The bottom line


    They can climb 12 foot fences, they can easily dig under fences, they break through fences, they break through doors and windows, they break chains and collars, they break away from owners trying to restrain them, they go through electric or invisible fences, they break out of pens, shock collars are ignored, they even kill while they are on leashes.

    Because these dogs have been bred to be so powerful and have a high pain threshold, COMBINED WITH A HIGH PREY DRIVE THAT GENETICALLY DRIVES THEM TO ATTACK AND KILL that supercedes containment or owner control, there is no way on this earth that anyone can be sure to keep a pit bull contained.


    They don't belong anywhere near people or other animals, and there is nowhere this is possible, even in rural areas.

    The bottom line is that pit bulls are dangerous no matter what. No one has the right to own dangerous dogs.

  3. Pit bull owner Jackson Tuten:

    Tuten admitted his dog got some complaints for getting out and has a record with animal control. After our story aired on Wednesday the neighbor who told us about Tuten’s dog told us that Tuten has another dog inside he didn’t show us. “I knew he was going to show you that little black dog,” the neighbor said. On Friday, Tuten said the dog he didn't show CBS Atlanta was a brown pit bull mix that he gave away a few days before the accident.

  4. I agre totally with the first persons comment. I miss miracle, n it was the stupid owner faylt.

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