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13 thoughts on “Pit Bull Victim Daniela Sexton Recounts Attack: 'And Now I Have to Pay for It'

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  1. No. They have to pay for it. Sounds like it was her neighbor. Assuming they own their property, there will be insurance liability coverage on the home. Does this jurisdiction require additional pit bull insurance? She's one of the "lucky" one's that survive this unprovoked, overwhelmingly strong attacks. Sad as it is, it could have been so much worse.

  2. It seems to me that "young" is key here. The "young" man is unlikely to have the required Ohio state insurance for pit bull owners (can cost up to $800 annually). Furthermore, she may also mean "I have to pay," in that I have to pay by being injured so badly.

  3. This video is difficult for me to watch. I have been there, this brings back very bad memories. Ms. Sexon has not come to the realization that her life is changed. This will come with time. She will have physical injuries that she will see every time she looks into a mirror, for the rest of her life. She may have permanent nerve damage to her face. What about her leg and her arm? Nobody knows. She will have flashbacks and she will require treatment by mental health professionals. She will very likely pay the bills herself. Ohio requires insurance, but pit bull owners do not obtain that insurance and that is not known until after someone's life is changed. This is too late. Ohio prosecutors frequently do not file charges for this failure to obtain the required insurance. These charges need to be filed every time. Ms. Sexon needs a lawyer.

  4. I also recognize that almost shell-shocked demeanor. It hasn't set in yet, but it will. I don't know what it is with pit owners and their inability to keep their own front doors closed, but this is similar to how I was attacked as well. Likely, she will never see a dime from that scumbag. The owners in my attack were judgment proof. I hope she's able to at least get charges pressed for any laws broken and I wish her well on her long road to recovery.

  5. "I don't know what it is with pit owners and their inability to keep their own front doors closed"

    These dogs are so strong and so powerful, and so out of control with the inbred attack mode and aggression, they knock the owners physically out of the way, break through doors and windows, climb and dig under or break through fences, break chains.

    There is very little that can contain a pit bull that is attacking, and that is why these dogs are not pets and don't belong in civilized society where everyone around them is a potential victim and it takes no reason whatsoever to initiate a pit bull attack.

  6. I disagree with only one thing Ms. Sexton says: "These people need to understand that you have these vicious dogs…"

    The owners of these dogs are always either so dumb or so anti-social that it's hopeless to hope they'll ever understand anything. It's politicians who need to understand both about vicious dogs and about their owners. Politicians need to stop giving in to various money-hefty lobbies (from the SPCAs to the KKK) and do what they're elected to do — protect public safety.

    All the fighting breeds need to be banned, and the bans mercilessly executed. Until we are rid of this scourge in our society.

  7. Darrel Parkers trial is today. He maintains that the dog did not belong to him. I testified for the prosecution earlier this morning. Will keep you posted on the outcome.

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