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33 thoughts on “2009 Dog Bite Fatality: Leesburg Man, 20, Killed by His Two Pit Bulls Trying to Break up Fight

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  1. But…but….Dog aggression is completely different than human aggression!

    Isn't Loudon County where the Nutters tried sueing the County Animal Control into adopting out pits?

  2. Another example of killer pit bulls that were NEVER abused.

    But the AKC and Best Friends types are blaming the victim again!

    Look at the comments from family members

    "For everyones information, the dogs were not abused in anyway. I am good friends of the family and it is apparent that someone has no idea what they are talking about."

    "i have known the kid and his older brother since i was born they are good people the dogs were never hurt in any way "

  3. Where did these dogs come from?

    Pit bull rescue? Breeder?

    The public needs to know because there may be other waiting to kill out there.

  4. No, no, no. The AKC blames all dog attacks — fatal or otherwise — on the dog "not being leashed." This victim was an idiot for not leashing his pets in his own home. The city of Leesburg, according to the AKC, needs to "strengthen" its leash laws.

  5. They did not come from the Loudon County Animal Shelter. The shelter does not adopt these dogs out, they do dole the animals out to "pit bull rescue" groups however — the Dethrow's of the world.

  6. Actually, the Loudoun County Animal Shelter will only transfer a dog to 501(c)(3)-registered rescue organization that the County has already investigated. Ms. Dethrow need not apply.

  7. Wow. A twenty year old male killed by dogs. This isn't an elderly man or woman, nor is it a toddler or infant. This was a vibrant, strong, young man. These dogs are so different. Any other dog(s) and this guy could have broke free….got help. Amazing.

    60% or more of fatal dog attacks in USA will continue to be attributed to pit bulls. wait and see.

  8. Prophetic words Carter Delaney wrote about his status on Facebook, on August 3: "about to go home and die"

    Hmm. I wonder what day they took in the pit bulls?

  9. Is there any way to find out where these dogs came from? This man's family should be suing the breeder or rescue where they came from. Someone gave him or sold him deadly dangerous dogs. Do his friends know?

  10. I can't believe the word "seizure" has not come up yet. Clearly the young man had a once in a life time seizure that caused the attack.

  11. There is zero breed stewardship in the pit bull community, except producing the dog killing-ist machines they can produce. The identity of the breeder in this case will be like a CIA secret.

  12. That would require Breed Stewardship by the responsible Pit Bull community…Apparently, it is much easier to pencil whip a $10 Therapy dog certification.

  13. It's easy to get bitten when breaking up a dog fight. However, it's primarily with dogs deliberately bred to fight and kill other dogs where you risk death. Once a pit bull gets in a fight, there's no "off" switch as there is in normal dogs. Pit bulls do not give or react to signs of submission during a fight which is why an organized fight between two pit bulls can last for over an hour. What pit bull breeders glorify as "gameness" is really a stupid and dangerous trait to breed into a dog, as illustrated here. Why get a dog bred to kill other dogs for no reason? Had the dogs been another breed, the young man may have been badly bitten, but probably not mauled to death.

    Re. the "seizure" excuse. I once had a poodle mix with epilepsy. He did have more than one seizure in front of my retriever mix and he was never attacked. The retriever mix just stood by looking confused.

  14. Again the question. Where were these dogs from?

    A local breeder? Did they buy them over the internet? A rescue?

    Are these questions being asked by animal control and the press?

  15. Behind every Pit Bull attack there is a breeder..probably not paying sales and income taxes too!

    REGULATE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. A note to the "Responsible" Pit bull community…For public safety it is incumbent on YOU to address this DBRF incident with the breeder of these two dogs. If you don't condemn this you condone it!


  17. I'll bet it was the cocker spaniel who did it…..I heard that they are the most dangerous dog in America. Dangerous, and smart.

    The cocker spaniel killed the young man, then smeared blood all over the pit bulls to make them look guilty. That had to be what happened, because I notice that every pit bull owner who posts on the internet claims they have been attacked by a cocker spaniel at some earlier point in their lives, which is why they now own pit bulls, the gentlest "nanny dog" in the world.

    We need to ban these killer cocker spaniels, because they are not only dangerous, but they have now figured out how to frame pit bulls for their own vicious crimes. (Rolls eyes)

  18. Why are these grandparents and mothers allowing these pit bulls in their houses? It's pretty obvious to all that their sons and daughters can't find anyone stupid or foolhardy enough to let them have the dogs elsewhere, so they take advantage of the parent or grandparent.

  19. Hey!…That dog in the picture has a circle around his eye just like Petey!

    I wonder if the mystery breeder who bred and sold these Level 6(fatal) maulers will be revealed to the local Pit Bull community. Local Pit owners are worried that they may have purchased Maulspawn…

  20. Tough to place a date on the photo, but that dog is either one of the killer dogs (haunting) or is the pit bull puppy that was returned to the family (more haunting).

  21. Man attacked by his own pit bull – wife shoots dog dead – man requires helicopter airlift due to injuries.

    AUGUST 2009 — North Port man was attacked by his own dog Friday and had to be taken by helicopter to a hospital. Police said that Jason Crawford, 33, was bitten multiple times in the leg by his "pit-bull type dog" at his home in the 4300 block of Badosa Road. Crawford's wife shot the dog dead when she could not restrain it, police said. Police said there appeared to be a domestic disturbance when the dog attacked Crawford. Three North Port officers and an animal control officer responded and found the animal lying on the ground dead and Crawford bleeding from the leg. Crawford was flown to Lee Memorial Hospital.

  22. The Prince George's County ban has reduced pit bull maulings, just as the bans in Denver, Ontario, Council Bluffs and other areas have:

    "Taylor said that during the first five to seven years of the ban, animal control officials would encounter an average of 1,200 pit bulls a year but that in recent years that figure has dropped by about half. According to county statistics, 36 pit bull bites, out of 619 total dog bites, were recorded in 2008, down from 95 pit bull bites, out of a total of 853, in 1996."

    The only thing that has changed since 1996 is that cities that do not regulate pit bulls are experiencing MORE pit bull maulings.

  23. By comparison, Indy Pit Crew Country(Marion County IN)suffered 282 pit attacks in 2008, with 3000 Pits passing through its A/C infrastructure. 2500 were euthanized. Both Counties have nearly identical populations.

    Pit Bull Breeders sell suffering.

  24. Another "pit bull dog aggression" incident that leaves owner with possibly two fewer arms:

    September 18, 2009 — "Patricia Thiel, the 39-year-old nurse who was badly mauled by one of her boyfriend's four dogs Thursday before a neighbor fatally shot the animal, is in critical condition at Tampa General Hospital, her boyfriend said this morning. The boyfriend, Robert Jacks, 43, said both of Thiel's arms were gnawed to the bone as she tried to shield herself against an attack by Jake, a 100-pound pit bull, at their home on Coquina Way South. She had to be flown to Tampa General Hospital due to the need for emergency vascular surgery, he said. Jacks said Thiel told him she had just arrived home when she decided to let their four dogs out into the backyard. Jake and one of the other dogs got into a fight, and when Thiel tried to break it up, Jake turned on her and began mauling her, he said."

  25. Is there an age limit in which an aging adult that is frail can own and walk a pitbull publically that is aggressive towards other dogs I am just concerned as I see it on a daily basis

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