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8 thoughts on “Comment: Pit Bulls and Thoroughbreds Were Selected for 'Performance'

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  1. I would also say that the idea that pit bull breeders “cull” so their dogs can be “handled” by humans is also a fabrication, in the sense that these dogs are not “handled” in any way recognized as dog handling by society.

    Pit bull fighting dogs are more like livestock. They live their lives on a chain or in a small pen or cage, separated from humans and each other, primarily brought out to throw in a ring to fight or to breed perhaps, but not “handled” to an appreciable degree by humans

    And I also saw something in the comments for that news article that was ridiculous. Someone commented that the pit bulls must have been “abused” to get them to fight. Abused? It is in these dogs’ very DNA to fight and kill. If anything, it takes “abuse” to get them to STOP fighting, as in DEATH.

  2. No No! The poster has it all wrong!

    Pit Bulls are magic dogs!

    Bred via the fighting pits killing bull, bears and other dogs, yet good with kids!

    Easily identifiable when being sold or pit bull subsidies are being handed out, but impossible to identify after a mauling!

    Great at weight pulling which has nothing to do with chain breaking, fence busting and leash snapping capability!

    One of the smartest breeds, but never used for complex herding, retrieiving and bonfide service dog jobs like sight assistance!

    Not human aggressive but used by drug dealers for guarding drug houses!

    Owned and bred by “Dog Lovers” who see nothing immoral with the desired breed standard of explosive dog aggression!

    The same as every other dog except for requiring a breakstick!

    They’re Magic!!!

  3. I am the generator of the comments ..feel free to use them.

    Good luck dealing with the backlash from the nutters!

  4. I’ve already been posting prior to this to regulate the breed. And I try to make comments at the newstories as well. Hard to believe how these people will always blame the victim. Seems that’s enough to make people think about the types who own pits and defend them. I, too, made the mistake of thinking the problem was there but not as serious as I have learned it is from this blog. I did apologize to the victims for not taking this as seriously as it needs to be taken.

  5. The comparison to racing horses is quite accurate. I have a good friend who rescues race horses. The public thinks these horses are retired and become nice saddle horses. Not true. A race horse has been bred and trained to do one thing – run. My friend takes about a year to make a race horse fit for everyday riding and some don’t make it. Imagine putting a child on a horse that wants to take off whenever it feels someone in the saddle.

    My friend considers selling a racehorse to the public to be unethical unless the public has the experience to “break” the horse of it’s lifelong training.

  6. I had cousins who were dog fighters. They were well known at the local hospital. I have seen them comparing “war wounds”. And I was always told in the South that you can spot a dog fighter from their scars. And my cousins were well known in the whole of the South for their dogs, they were winners. My cousins, on the other hand, were losers.

    When these dogs are not in a fighting frenzy, they can be handled somewhat. But when they go into that mode, no one, not even the handler, is safe.

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