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26 thoughts on “Wappingers Boy Suffers Life Altering Injures in Pit Bull Attack

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  1. Wanna bet one of those so called dog EXPERTS at Out of the Pits awarded this little wiggle butt with a CGC?

  2. The video said the attack lasted ABOUT 20 MINUTES! There are NO WORDS for the injuries this boy must have suffered.

  3. This is what their “About Us” page says:

    “Out of the Pits is a non-profit corporation founded in 1996 to address the plight of the Pit Bull. We seek to make the public aware that the Pit Bull — not long ago America’s favorite dog — has become the world’s most misunderstood breed.”

    The continued propagation of FICTION! And now this boy and countless other children will suffer their WHOLE LIVES! The pit bull is NOT misunderstood. Not from a fatal attack statistical data standpoint and not from a historical standpoint. The dogs were selectively bred, built and designed to ATTACK and KILL animals.

    I hold this group 100% responsible in this boy’s tragic REST OF HIS LIFE! The state of New York must close this facility and hold each and every member LIABLE for this attack.

  4. Did you notice that this Out Of the Pits group is having some American Temperament Testing Society thing?

    Great, they are affiliated with pit bull breeders and dog fighters!

    Another fake rescue group.

    So who is behind this group?

  5. Out of The Pits needs to pay these bills.

    I hope the family has a lawyer starting this process now before this group disappears or tries to hide.

  6. I saw in the comments something about a second attack in Fishkill by a pit bull? Is this so?

    According to the comment about this other incident in Fishkill, the family tried to turn away the ambulance but police reported to child protective services.

  7. This is absolutely horrible for that poor little boy. They sold the aunt a false bill of goods. I’m going to put story and his website up on the intranet where I work, for donations. We have a resident Rescue Angel that is always putting ads up for her poor misunderstood wigglebutts. I hope she sees it. (New Hope Pit Bull Rescue.)

  8. The complete disregard for human suffering shown by pit bull advocacy groups is an outrage. Behind every single news story of a pit bull attack there is a very real human with very real life changing physical and mental injuries… and the victim always pays. Our thoughts and prayers are with Frankie and his family.

  9. Peninsula Humane Society also adopted out a pit that attacked and it passed THREE temperament tests.

    Yes, this group is responsible for this boy’s death, without a doubt.

    Again we need records kept as to where these killing dogs were gotten. It is imperative that we know whether they were adopted out of a shelter or from a group. We need tools to fight this and the groups who push it.

  10. I do hope that Out of the Pits comes under serious scrutiny. And, Oh, the irony! Here are some excerpts from the New Hope Pit Bull Rescue “Pit Bull Myths” page. The spin-doctoring is par none:

    “By some estimates, numbers-wise they are the most popular of all dog breeds. It is only logical to assume that the breed with the higher number of individual dogs would be represented with a higher number of bites.”

    “This is the trait of “gameness” that so many breed fanciers speak of, which may be defined as, “The desire to continue on and/or complete a task despite pain and discomfort.”

    “However, pit bulls do seem to have an above average amount of determination for things they are interested in. In fact, they were selectively bred to never give up. Their focus may be barking at squirrels, fetching rocks or sticks, but whatever they do, it’s done with a great deal of enthusiasm. If they happen to grab onto something they don’t want to release, it can be quite difficult to extract it from them. “

    “Aggression, when it presents in pet dogs, follows specific patterns. First occur warning signs, then more warning signs, and finally, when those signs are continually ignored or misinterpreted, the dog resorts to using its teeth. “

    “Historically, humans were always in the pit, handling fighting dogs closely, while the animals were in full fight drive. A dog that was a danger to people and prone to biting was not feasible, and therefore carefully selected against.”

  11. Another gem from New Hope Rescue:

    “Military family’s make GREAT fosters for our dogs!”

    Apparently, they havent’ heard that the military disagrees with them…

  12. “it is only logical to assume that the breed with a higher number of dogs would produce a higher number of bites.”

    Yes…especially when you factor in biting the same victim over and over again during a sustained Level 5 attack.

    The dog industry is behaving like the Tobacco industry during the 1950s.

  13. You are so right! Just like the Tobacco industry. And they have superfans all over that drank the koolaid and profess their love for the breed no matter how large the body count grows.

  14. How horrible for this sweet little boy. The pain he must have endured, and will continue to do so for a very long time. I’m all for a fund that will help his mother take care of his needs. It’s nice that his both sets of grandparents can be there for support.

  15. I am an ACO in Northern CA. I am tired of seeing this, I am tired of these rescue groups and the praise they get. Anyone watch animal planet? We, myself and another officer removed a pit bull which got loose and attacked a women and her dog whih were walking by. The pit owner had some connections and the dog went to a rescue in Los Angeles which came to our shelter and picked him up, ANIMAL PLANET came as well and filmed the whole thing to be used in some attempt to celebrate the “great” work this rescue group does……….just writing this angers me beyond belief…….

  16. Welcome, ACO in California. I just wanted to share with you a post made by a Pit lover about ACOs. The Pit Lover contends that the number of dogs that are reported as pits in attacks is wrong, because the person giving the breed is usually the victim and “Most people don’t even know what a pit bull looks like (and he gave the url for the website “Pick the pit.”) Below is his response to another poster who was saying that ACO designates the breed.

    Here’s the post that got the pit lover all riled up.
    “Animal control etc knows the breed when they come pick them up after the incident.”

    Here’s the pit lovers response.

    “FAIL. Do you have any idea what kind of “breed identification” education ACOs get? NONE. Requirements for being an ACO: a high school diploma, and the ability to lift 50 lbs.

    ACOs cannot ID dog breeds any better than Average Joe. In fact, most experts (vets, behaviorists, other people who handle dogs for a living) agree that it is not possible to accurately identify a dog’s breed or mix through current methods (a glance and a guess).

    The new DNA-based breed ID tests have proven this to be the case. Neither ACOs nor anyone else really knows what a mixed-breed dog (to include most dogs that look like “pit bulls”) are made up of.”

    I have no doubt this guy is involved in dog-fighting, because he completely denies that there is anything at all different about pit bulls from other dogs, and he claims that WE are the ones drinking the Koolaid! That is what we are up against.

  17. Keeping Frankie in my prayers, and hoping that he is able to get all the help that he needs. Keeping his family in my prayers as well. I know that this must be hard on them.

    I think that the rescue organization that the pit bull was adopted from should also be responsible for the medical bills that this family will endure. It’s aparent that the organization didn’t do enough testing on the animal before adopting it out.

  18. Keeping Frankie in our prayers, as well as his family. I know this must be hard on all.

    The organization that adopted the animal out should be held responsible for the medical bills. It’s obvious they didn’t do enough test on the animal before hand.

  19. Hi Frankie,

    Please know that we are all praying for your recovery. May the Lord surround you with comfort, love and strength more each day. May the Lord give your doctors wisdom as to how to best help you. May the Lord completely heal you. Know that God truly does love you. We shall ask the Lord to also provide for the necessary financial funds for your plastic surgeries. We will be delivering a Guideposts Kids Comfort Kit directly to you at the hospital via a Chaplain. Phillipians 4:13 that you Frankie can do all things through Christ which strengthen you! May God bless you and your mom.

    In Christ,
    Sandy and the OurPrayer Staff

  20. God Bless this family, they have suffered enough, please donate and pray!

  21. Why don't the american people understand human life is more important than dog or animal life? People would rather be nice with dogs than be nice with people around. Is it so called civilization?

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