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4 thoughts on “Dallas 'Unleashed' Dog Park Bans Pit Bulls

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  1. Nothing says “I’m a self-absorbed azzhole” like a so called dog lover taking a dog bred for killing other dogs to a dog park!

    Of course the Pit lover websites practically beg them not to take them there…. Not because they believe mauling and killing other people’s dogs is wrong, but because of the bad PR fallout.

    One day, they might realize that breeding for dog aggression is one nasty, grotesque and unsafe practice.

  2. What we have here is a complete lack of respect for the Dogmen of Stafford England!

    Pit owners know they shouldn’t take this fighting breed to dog parks. However, much like petulant children, they just cant stand being told that they can’t.

    A little more self-policing from the Pit Bull community please! BSL could go away if they bred safer dogs and contained them better.

    In lieu of self-policing: BAN EARLY AND BAN OFTEN!

  3. Something doesn’t smell right — in the article, the owner’s of Unleashed claim that it was their insurance company that said no pits, and it was not their choice. However, they let a pit in anyway???? and then the pit started a fight. (no surprise there.) My hunch is that they chose not to allow pits after the fight, but don’t want to make anybody mad with their choice, so are putting it on the insurance company. Maybe they were going to allow pits anyway, but quickly realized that pits are not allowed under their insurance policy FOR A REASON!. Whatever, too bad they wouldn’t take ownership of not allowing pits, and put the onus on the insurance company.

  4. When insurance companies find out about incidents like these, they pretty quickly tell you that something needs to change or your policy gets cancelled

    (Did you notice the Lone Star Pit Bull Club member in one of those articles that commmented about how she and her fellow pit breeders and dog fighters are trying to change the law so insurance companies have to cover pit bulls (and of course insurance will then become unaffordable for most people as rates rockets and claims go through the roof because of more attacks)

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