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5 thoughts on “2-Year Old Tampa Girl in Serious Condition After Pit Bull-Mix Attack

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  1. And as usual they blame everyone but the dog. Granted it is not a good idea to play tug with a dog and I don’t give my dogs toys that look like a person, but this is not the reason this dog attacked. It attacked because it has an instinct to do so. There were lots of irresponsible play here by adults as well but ultimately it is the breed that does the crime.

  2. These are the kind of dogs and people that Best Friends and Bad Rap and similar are representing.

    Pit bulls that have a high prey drive and are dangerous and attack intentionally and unprovoked.

    Pit bull owners that lie, coverup, blame the victim, make up stories and excuses, and think it is ok for their dogs to hurt people and pets.

  3. You might say that! Florida also has an extraordinary problem with dogfighting and the proliferation of dogs bred for fighting (AKA aggression). Combine that with a state prohibition to “breed-specific” laws and you’re looking at municipalities that are grossly limited to do anything about these problems. This is just the US side of the story. God only knows what’s going on in the tribal areas that go undocumented and unregulated by Federal and State law.

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