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16 thoughts on “Two Adult Texans Get Eye Ripped Out By Pit Bulls Over the Weekend

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  1. I currently live in Houston and am a former resident of the Dallas area. Both cities and the surrounding counties have way too many Pits and Rottweilers and their corresponding deaths and injuries. Our legislature is currently in session. There are a lot of good bills coming up to restrict these man killers. Hopefully, one of our politicians will show some courage and present a BREED BAN. No children are dead for the year here in Texas from these killers, but hey its only February……..

  2. I am SICK TO DEATH with all the rhetoric spewed by pit bull advocates regarding “responsible dog ownership” . The bottom line is, NO one has a right to own an animal this dangerous. NO ONE. Just because you “promise” to keep it on a chain, or on a leash, or in a kennel, NO one has a right to own an animal that, if it gets loose, will immediately try to kill someone. Its why we ban ownership of lions and tigers….it doesn’t matter how secure you claim the cage is; the POTENTIAL for damage, if a tiger gets loose, is too great a risk.

    As a society, we regulate ownership of animals all the time; it is illegal in most areas to keep poisonous snakes as “pets”, because the risk to citizens is too great if the snake gets loose; we recognize that if someone really wants a pet snake, they can choose one of the many non-venemous ones for a pet. The same should apply to dogs. No one NEEDS a pit bull.

    The issue isn’t “responsible ownership”, e.g., just keep your extremely dangeous dog chained on your property. No animal lovers should fight to protect “responsible owners”….you are essentially fighting to let people keep extremely dangerous dogs, as long as they “promise” to keep them contained; but in the real world, mistakes happen, and dogs get loose. No one should lose their life because a neighbors damn dog got loose.

  3. Anonymous from Houston, the problem is that the dog breeding community (like AKC) the dog fighters, and the No Kill wackos like Nathan Winograd ALL fight against any kind of legislation aimed at protecting the public from pit bulls

    These groups make a lot of money from pit bulls, and they don’t want to see any legislation restrict their income from these dogs

    Your legislators need to know about these business lobbyists!

    For example, on http://www.workingtohelp shows how the No Kill and Breeder Lobby got connected.

  4. “Responsible Dog Ownership” is code for BREEDERS

    AKC and all their related lobbying groups use that garbage to fight against any kind of regulations that would RESTRICT THEIR INCOMES from dog breeding

    AKC even has “responsible dog owner” days where they advocate for lobbying against any kinds of rules for breeders

    When you see any groups with “responsible dog owner” or someone spewing that rhetoric, that is the greedy selfish breeder lobby interesting in FINANCIAL matters

    They want to be unregulated and minting tax-free money

  5. More Chain Busting; Breaking Restraint to Attack
    A pet yorkie was attacked and killed Monday by two pit bulls in Avondale. Two pit bulls that were chained up across the street broke free and killed the dog in the middle of the street between the two houses.

    Imagine these two predators on your street? “Life Snuffers,” and perfectly legal.

  6. Do not do business with pitbull owners, do not use a business that would allow a pitbull to loiter about outside.

  7. Don’t you all get it…This 15 year old “Caretaker” of the dogs that mauled Mr Williams is to blame. Clearly, he had the training mastery to teach the dogs to chew through the chain link enclosure, leave the property and automnously inflict a Level 5 sustained mauling on Mr Williams.

    Hugs and kisses could have prevented this!

  8. GOOD PEOPLE like these victims are getting disfigured and killed.

    While Texas state authorities cater to BAD PEOPLE who don’t care about anything but making money from pit bulls, and oppose regulations.

    When will someone fight for the Good Guys?

    Who has the courage to shut the BAD guys up, and force them to respect human life?

  9. “Morality cannot be legislated, but behavior can be regulated. Judicial decrees may not change the heart, but they can restrain the heartless.”

    -Martin Luther King Jr.

  10. I like “F-Troop” also. I can’t think of another public safety profession that is so negligent in it’s duties.

  11. Pit Bull advocates are now suggesting that instead of BSL,
    mauling victims like these two Texan’s, should just learn to “keep an eye out” for their Pit Bulls.
    “If I had my way” said local Pit Bull owner Heywood Jabightmee in Dallas, “I would suggest 100 ‘lashes’ to anyone in Texas who even suggests BSL”.

  12. You MEANT “keep an eye in” didn’t you? Pit bulls nearly ripped out 3 eyes in a single day in Texas when these 3 attacks occurred.

  13. "If I had my way" said local Pit Bull owner Heywood Jabightmee in Dallas, "I would suggest 100 'lashes' to anyone in Texas who even suggests BSL".

    You might change your mind when your mutant murder machine turns on you and mauls you almost to death, you selfish piece of garbage.

    Another sociopathic pit bull owner.

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