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18 thoughts on “Protesters Gather at Fulton County Animal Shelter

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  1. I still worry about Beast…Is he up in Illinois somewhere being forced to kill other dogs?!

  2. 84 unneutered cats to control a rodent problem?! hmmmm…

    Certainly someone can easily verify the existence of this Priest.

    This reminds me of a U2 song:

    “Where the Priests have no names!”

  3. How the frig do you “lose” 84 cats? Why isn’t it made public what happened to them? Is it because they became bait for fighting dogs?

    Under the Freedom of Information act, could Dogsbite demand the records? Can the HSUS file animal abuse charges againts them? Or does no one care because these were “only cats”, and humane advocates are more interested in protecting pit bulls and THEIR advocates?

  4. You bring up an excellent point. Where are the humane groups in this situation? Why is there no clamoring about the 84 — EIGHTY FOUR — missing cats?

  5. See how the department of agriculture in Georgia has been behaving?

    There’s one of the big problems. They are rotten to the core. These breeders and dogfighters have buddies in that department.

  6. Randy's blog has been disabled for comments, I couldn't post this there. Does Randy read Dogsbite? Jere Alexander's website was taken down, but pages are cached on a Google search. She ran a site dedicated to dogfighting and gamebred pit bulls. Here are some examples…

    There more, but you get the idea…she was glorifying the dogmen and the fighting dogs. She also had a link to Flametree kennels, a breeder of OFRN dogs, whose website has a lengthy article written by dogfighter Richard Stratton about the OFRN, and whose kennel is listed proudly with the AADR…which we know was run by Malon Patrick, (who was arrested for fighting dogs) and which the HSUS describes as a registry for dogfighters.

    So, the question was someone involved in dogfighting hired to run an animal shelter, and what, really, happened to those cats?

  7. Randy’s comments no more? There’s a lot of the pitarchive links here. Dogsbite has been following the story pretty close. You’ll have to go back to some of the earlier posts.

  8. You don’t lose 84 cats! You hijack them, then dole them out to fellow Catmill users!

    “Where the Priests have no names!”

    Bahawwwwwwwwwwww! That was a good one anonymous!

  9. Funny how Jere Alexander’s website shows only kids with pit bulls across the top when the ENTIRE site is dedicated to fighting dogs and the vile dogmen that she worships.
    What is the point she is trying to make? Are we supposed believe these are fighting dogs?

  10. Thanks for the heads up.

    Randy’s comment form is still active. That area of the MyFoxAtlanta website is a little jumpy, it was likely just a short-term error.

  11. These cover stories dont even make sense!

    Even if these cats went to the Priest with no name..How is this even legal? 84 unfixed feral cats become thousands within a couple of years, then decimate bird populations.

    I’ll be lighting a candle for Beast over the Holdays.

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