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7 thoughts on “Victims of Serious Dog Attacks Suffer Long After Attack - Ona Deane-Gordly

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  1. “I know they have to put rapists and murderers in jail, but bad breeders and bad owners need to be there, too,” she said.

    Word….The breeders always get off scot free.

  2. Her story is heartbreaking. Absolutely heartbreaking. I commend her for speaking out. It would break my heart to see her confront any pro-pitters, because I can just imagine how callous they would be to her suffering, yet so so fanatic about BSL, and laws which require them to have high liability insurance to pay for her suffering. My Heavens — how absolutely insane it is — the irony of a dog that is so vicious and dangerous and lethal, that people in lawmaking positions see that the dog owners need to have high liability insurance — but that means, when the insurance is used, that someone is suffering greatly because of those dogs. Forget the insurance and Ban the Breed entirely!!!

  3. Pit bull advocates always have to go as far as possible to prove their point — including breaking well established Internet privacy rules.

    I’m sure Christine did not intend her “personal” email to “Tommy” to be broadcast onto the web. Just goes to show you that you can’t trust pit bull advocates even if you like the breed!

  4. I would be interested to know if she has changed her mind since writing about Deane-Gordly. I kinda doubt it. Anyone who can write about two different pit bull attack victims, who each sustained a good half a million dollars in injury damage, and still wants to own a pit bull — as a first time owner at that — has to have a few screws absent.

  5. PRIOR to this article, Seattle Times writer, Christine Clarridge [], told a pit bull advocate that she planned on buying a pit bull-mix from the pound. This was brought up by “gone-shooting” in a comment section. Who knows, perhaps since Ona, she has changed her mind.

    September 20 (appx date)
    Christine Clarridge []

    Thank you for writing. I just came across your email and wanted to respond, even though I am so late getting back to you. I was among the people who had not known much about the so-called pit bull breed (breeds) before I had to cover an incident in SeaTac in which a older woman was attacked by two unneutered males. Since then, I’ve read a bunch of books and gone out of my way to meet some wonderful pit bulls and their owners and i can’t believe how much I’ve fallen in love with them. In fact, I’ve become convinced that my all time favorite dog of literature. (jack, the brindle bulldog from the Laura Ingalls Wilder books) is a pit bull and while i’m not quite ready to get a new dog after the death of our family dog earlier this year, I’m pretty sure that when I am, it will be a pit bull mix from the pound.

    Thank you so much for writing. Best wishes, Christine Clarridge

  6. This is a person working for the paper who just has no common sense.
    I’m sure she will go to a shelter and get a pit bull. A dog she will know nothing about—how far is the dog removed from a fighter? This is a person who could view one pit bull tragedy after another and explain it away—Good luck with that pit honey after you by pass all the wonderful dogs who wouldn’t and couldn’t hurt a person like the people you wrote about.

  7. Most of the pit bulls around in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s time were in the hands of dog fighters. Dog fighting was perfectly legal. Laura’s dog was most certainly a guard dog. Pioneer’s animals always worked or had a job. Whether the dog was a pit bull or not it certainly does not apply today. Our world has changed people—. When my grandfather was a little boy of ten years he had his own rifle. He hunted and killed animals for dinner. Today children don’t carry around rifles–our times don’t allow any kind of guard dog to run loose all over the countryside. Laura’s stories are great but who knows or cares (except the pit activists) about Jack the dog.

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