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7 thoughts on “Nominated: Pit Bull Apologist of the Year, Kathy Jenks

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  1. Kathy Jenks should be sued by this family.

    She should also be fired immediately. She is a danger.

    She is enabling vicious pit bulls to kill and maim in her community.

    She is protecting and hiding vicious dogs.

    Her words are straight from the constructed propaganda of the DOG FIGHTERS. We know why they lie about pit bulls, and cover up the truth. They make money from the dogs.

    So what is Kathy Jenks excuse? Does anyone know if she has connections to the dog breeding world?

  2. Anyone who uses the “chihuahua and pit bull” propaganda is indeed a spokesperson for breeders of aggressive dogs, whether one chooses to believe it or not. Jenk’s logic “should” embarrass all animal agencies and owners of dogs.

  3. It’s time for old Jenks to retire to the comforts of La-La Land, where pit bulls wear angel wings and read to children, over the age of 10. She will never have the capacity for reality.

    When you hear such stuperific yammering, you’re listening to an advocate.

  4. Dang…It almost as if a Pit Bull Breeder is using her as a sock puppet!

    In her area of responsibility Pit Bulls are the number one problem.

  5. Jenks is ignorant…Over the past three years five Californians have been killed by dogs…All Pit Bulls!

  6. She is so stupid… a PITBULL thinking it's being "preyed on"??? A chihuahua would think that, maybe, but a PITBULL??

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