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5 thoughts on “Dog Killed by Neighbor's Pit Bulls in Jackson

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  1. Why wait 30 months and let the bill run up so high? Taxpayers have been paying for a dog that is too dangerous to be returned, and unwanted by the owner.

    But the good news is people are reporting dangerous dogs and demanding something be done about them. The more people that complain, the sooner the authorities will understand how the majority feel on this issue.

  2. Boarding two dogs for 30 months at $20 per dog per day would come to $36,000. I think this stupid clown of an owner is getting a bargain at $10,000.
    If you can not afford to properly feed, house and provide basic vet care, YOU CAN NOT AFFORD A DOG!!!!!!
    Stand tough Texas and KILL those dogs unless he coughs up the money!
    I would be furious if my tax dollars were feeding this clown’s dogs.

  3. Why wasn’t this idiot taking the shelter a weekly check. At the very least, this moron should be able to hand over what he would normally in dog food!
    This is outrageous! Yet ANOTHER pit bull owner getting over on the system.

  4. The Pit Bull has a sense of entitlement in regard to consuming the lion’s share of A/C resources in most places. The sad thing is that the A/C profession enables it.

  5. Regarding ‘Another Dog Killed by Pitt Bulls’ – I lost my beautiful dog, Tango two months ago. I begged and pleaded with my neighbors to keep her two dogs locked up after FOUR terrible attacks. Tango stayed inside nearly all day every day. They hunted her. She was a nervous wreck, waiting to die. I spent every day thinking about how to protect her, and they finally got her. Now I worry about my small son and myself, will they hurt us now? She cannot control them, just yesterday she was driving up and down our road calling for them, they were loose again. I live in fear, now I understand what Tango felt.

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