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2 thoughts on “9-Year Old Boy Attacked by Pit Bulls in School Play Field

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  1. How do so many pit bull owners pick up and move to another city when the dogs are banned? Do they sell their homes? I don’t understand….so many of these owners are young, they are not property owners. Who is renting to pit bull owners?

    As far as I know, if a landlord knows there is aggressive dog on the property, he can be sued if the dog attacks someone. Are all of these owners renting from family, or slumlords? When I was young and looking for apartments, I could never find a place that would allow dogs….you were lucky if your landlord would let you have a cat, never mind a pit bull.

    I find it amazing that so many transient dog owners find landlords that will rent to them. Any landlord I have ever met understands the liability, and either won’t rent to dog owners, or prohibits “dangerous” breeds, per their homeowners policy.

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