Triggers: What Prompts a Pit Bull to Attack?

Photo of "Prince," a pit bull that suddenly attacked its owner, Trisha Williams. - We've placed together a list of pit bull attack triggers, routine activities that launch a pit bull into a full-fledged attack. Due to selective breeding for the purposes of dogfighting1 -- pit bulls were artificially selected to attack unpredictably, to "hold on and shake,"2 and to hide warning signals before an attack -- the pit bull breed often demonstrates "hair trigger" ar… [Read full blog post]

Top Dog Experts Fooled and Surprised by Pit Bulls

Expert Randall Lockwood - In a recent post, we talked about dog expert Randall Lockwood, Senior Vice President to the ASPCA, being a fooled by a pit bull. In a 2004 training video, he said that selective breeding has taken the "wolf" out of pit bulls. They ignore signals that non fighting dogs heed, and they fail to show intention. He then remarks about his own "surprise" experience with a pit bull. Fighting dogs lie all the time. I experienced it first hand when I was… [Read full blog post]

08/20-26/08 Pit Bulls Shot By Police

#241: Hope Mills Considers Ban After Shooting 08/20/08 | Hope Mills, NC Summary: After a police officer had to shoot a pit bull, Hope Mills is considering banning vicious dogs. The pit bull hopped its fence then tried to attack the officer, so he shot it. #242: Second Pit Bull Killed in Glynn County 08/21/08 | Glynn County, GA Summary: A police officer shot and killed a pit bull marking the second time in less than two months a separate officer had to do the same. In this instance, th… [Read full blog post]

Comment: Pro-Pit Mantra, 'Cocker Spaniels Bite More Than Pit Bulls'

A reader at recently commented on the often used pit bull advocate mantra: "But cocker spaniels bite more often than pit bulls!" We've all heard the mantra, the question is, what does it mean and what does it reveal about genetics, breeding, cocker spaniels and pit bulls? It reveals that "cocker rage" was primarily a result of indiscriminate breeding practices. Unlike pit bulls, however, spaniels were never bred for aggression or dogfighting. Given the volum… [Read full blog post]