U.S. Army Adopts Breed Restriction Policy for RCI Privatized Housing

Privatization Partners Pet Policy UPDATE 03/17/09: DogsBite.org has received a copy of the official memorandum for Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management regarding the standardized pet policy for privatized housing. The document was signed January 5, 2009 by Paul P. Bollinger Jr., Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army Energy and Partnerships. SUBJECT: Pet Policy for Privatized Housing Under the Army's Residential Communities Initiative (RCI) Priv… [Read full blog post]

Fort Hood, Texas U.S. Army Base Passes New Pit Bull Restriction

Fort Hood, TX - A reader of DogsBite.org has brought to our attention that Fort Hood, a U.S. Army post, has recently passed a new pit bull law. The regulation prohibits new pit bulls and their crosses from living on base housing. It requires existing pit bulls to be registered with the Fort Hood Veterinary Clinic (FHVC) by 10 July 8. If the dog has not been registered by this time, it will be subject to removal. Military law supercedes state law, so Fort Hood is not bound by the State o… [Read full blog post]

2007 Dog Bite Fatality: Boy Killed by His Grandmother's Pit Bull in Killeen

Grandmother and Mother Indicted in Mauling Death Deferred Adjudication UPDATE 01/13/12: Four years after a woman's pit bull killed her grandson, she was sentenced to probation. Brenda Ellen Parker, 51, received five years of deferred adjudication and 200 hours of community service in connection to the death of 11-year old Seth Lovitt. Parker previously pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide. In 2009, a grand jury indicted Parker and Seth's mother, Misty L. Lo… [Read full blog post]