2008 Dog Bite Fatality: 2 Pit Bulls Attack, Kill 60-Year-Old Rubidoux Man

Deputies investigating the pit bull mauling death of Gerald Adelmund. Victim Killed by Own Dogs UPDATE 12/19/08: The Press-Enterprise reports the victim was the owner of the pit bulls. As expected, the larger male dog is now being described as a pit bull mastiff-mix and the smaller female dog as a pit bull. The dogs attacked him when he stepped outside of his home to smoke. Adelmund's family also authorized authorities to euthanize the female's nine puppies. Adelmund lived a… [Read full blog post]

2008 Dog Bite Fatality: 2-Year Old Boy Killed by Family Pit Bull in Clark County, Nevada

Alexander Adams, 2-years old, was killed by his family's pit bull-mix. Case Concludes UPDATE 12/03/08: Police spokesman Bill Cassell could offer no theory as to why the family pit bull killed Alexander Adams. The boy's grandmother was walking with the dog's food bowl into a room where the dog was normally fed. The toddler followed and was attacked, he said. "While it's possible that the presence of food, combined with the young victim in the area where the dog was normally fed… [Read full blog post]

2008 Dog Bite Fatality: 62-Year Old Muncie Man Killed by Pit Bulls

Autopsy: Death by Attack UPDATE 11/02/08: An autopsy conducted on 62-year old Chester Jordan shows that he was alive when he was brutally mauled and killed by three family pit bulls at his Muncie home. Jordan died from the dog bite injuries and blood loss. The dogs attacked his facial area, chest, arms, stomach and legs. The majority of the bite injuries and the most severe were on his arms and legs. The findings are contingent upon toxicology reports, which may take days or week… [Read full blog post]

2008 Dog Bite Fatality: Infant Dies After Being Mauled in Waianea

Infant Died Quickly UPDATE 10/07/08: Opal Sao, the grieving dog owner, said she left the baby on her bed, asleep, and had gone to the kitchen for a drink of water just after midnight. Penelope Rose, a pit bull mix, followed her to the kitchen, but while Sao was drinking, she realized the dog had left. She ran to the bedroom to find the dog standing on the bed over the baby. The bed was reportedly off limits to the dog. By the time she handed the baby to her niece, his mother, the baby was de… [Read full blog post]