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3 thoughts on “Blue Eyes Euthanized, Constroversy Still Swells In Mississippi

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  1. Interesting community backlash. This community is BLAMING THE DOG OWNER, it appears, not the dog. And we’ve got a PIT BULL OWNER that is blaming the dog. Pit bull owners never want the responsibility to fall on their shoulders.

  2. I had to move my family from the Texas neighborhood I had lived in for 4 years due to dogs and their owners. I would not let my 4 year old son go outside to play due to loose dogs roaming in packs in the neighborhood- Pit Bulls, Boxer’s, Mutts. My wife had a snarling mutt get between our son and herself. The HOA was useless. Animal Control did not work weekends- when all of the kids were out and all of the dogs. These Pet Parents make me sick.

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