Caine -- Producer of Pit Bull that Killed Jennifer Lowe -- Attacks Woman

Owner's Dogs Euthanized UPDATE 03/13/09: The two dogs that attacked Carletta Bailey are now dead in addition to two others, which had been chained up on the owner's property. Neither Cain nor the others will be able to birth or sire puppies that can lead to another serious attack or death. Prior to the attack, both dogs had been locked in the owner's trailer. The dogs broke out of the trailer and attacked Bailey. Fortunately, a neighbor heard the attack and shot both dogs. When Ca… [Read full blog post]

2007 Dog Bite Fatality: Kylie Cox, 4-Months Old, Killed by a Rottweiler

Christopher Fura, left, and Jason Winter listen as the baby's grandmother testifies. Jail Time for Owner UPDATE 11/12/08: Christopher Fura -- the 21-year-old Warren man whose rottweiler, Chopper, killed an infant last year -- pleaded no contest to involuntary manslaughter and began a six-month jail sentence today. Macomb County Assistant Prosecutor Steve Kaplan said Fura pleaded just before a jury was to be selected for his trial today. Fura previously had entered the… [Read full blog post]

Defendant Diane Cockrell Pleads No Contest in Double Fatal Dog Mauling in Livingston County

Diane Cockrell, whose dogs killed two people, tears up at sentencing hearing. Dog Owner Sentenced UPDATE 09/18/08: The owner of the dogs that mauled to death two people last year, Cheryl Harper, 56, and Edward Gierlach, 91, has been sentenced. Diane Cockrell, 52 Iosco Township, was ordered to serve a minimum of 3 1/2 years to a maximum of 15 years in prison for allowing her American bulldogs-mixes to run free and kill two people in rural Iosco Township in 2007. The MLive Michiga… [Read full blog post]

2007 Dog Bite Fatality: Mary Bernal Killed by In-Law's Pit Bull

Taz, the fatally attacking pit bull, seen in quarantine (WESH Orlando video). Pit Bull Scalps Victim Deltona, FL - A pit bull that often shared a bed with its owners viciously attacked and killed a 63-year-old woman that had been visiting the family. It almost tore off the thumb of one of its owners as she tried to get the dog off her sister. It wasn't until a deputy sheriff shot the dog with a stun gun that it released its grip on the victim. In this time, the dog had pulled off the woman… [Read full blog post]