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3 thoughts on “Will the Tragedy of Henry Piotrowski Move New York Policymakers to Act?

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  1. Dear Mr. Piotrowski, I want to express my great grief over your tragedy. Thank you for serving our country. What happened to you is a crime that slides under the wire. It is not the first priority of government. This truly didn’t need to happen. I pray the owners of pit bulls start understanding the depth of human tragedy that is happening all across the U.S. This breeds only chance is to be spayed and neutered down. God bless your family Mr.Piotrowski my family has also endured a pit bull mauling.

  2. How terribly sad and ironic that on this Fourth of July, we learn that a member of the Greatest Generation, a WWII veteran, was felled because our country’s leaders have put more value on the life of an animal than on human life.

    If only more politicians had the guts to take on the special interest groups and criminals who are responsible for the death and mutilation of innocent citizens, we could stop these barbaric attacks now.

    Prayers for Mr. Piotrowski and his family……

  3. Missing from the story is that some legislators were laughed at by the Pit Bull community for suggesting that Felons be prevented from owning such animals!

    Way to go Pit breeders!

    I’d also like to know how mr McNair intends to pay for the victims massive medical costs.

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