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7 thoughts on “New York City to Pay Huge Damages to Pit Bull Attack Victim

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  1. NO CHARGES….That is exactly what we’ve been told….Sorry for your loss have a good day. said one Knox County Employee…

    The neighborhood is es tactic they are getting the outdoors returned to them….Charles Smallwood is MOVING.

    I wonder who’s neighborhood he’s moving to next.? It could be any ones. It could be yours or mine.

    At the last ANIMAL CONTROL MEETING only 2 citizens showed up. The next meeting is DECEMBER 17th….CAN YOU GO?

    If there is NOT a PUBLIC OUTCRY…It will just be washed away. Please GO! Please Speak out!

    And…please pray for Jennifer’s Mother and our family.

    Please visit Jennifer’s MYSPACE at

    This has got to stop!

  2. I’ll see you at her Myspace page Aunt Sue. Thank you for leaving a comment. We are enormously outraged at the injustice of this case at Someone is responsible for this terrible crime and that someone is either the Knox county animal control or the state of Tennessee.

  3. Ever notice how quickly law enforcement charges out to kill a cougar, coyote or bear that attacks or even attempts to attack humans? Even if the cougar is not threatening, at the very least, it is trapped and relocated.
    Why are dogs treated differently? Why are these idiot humans AND their dogs, given another chance?
    I hope the family of Jennifer Lowe files a huge lawsuit against Knox County Animal Control. This is the only way to get the authorities to take this issue seriously.

  4. It doesn’t help that Tennessee law is a THROW BACK into ancient times. And what’s up with the community? TWO people showed up at the AC meeting? I can hardly digest the tragedy of this. I can only say that there are far too many people are unwilling to see dangerous dogs as a monumental, serious threat.

    Police officers don’t tackle these animals — they shoot and kill them. What can citizens do to stop them? Do we need to walk down our streets armed with guns because that is the only thing that STOPS these breeds?

    I pray for Jennifer’s family. I pray for the people of Tennessee.

  5. Yes, the poor vulnerable people of Tennessee. I saw that Tennessee was over represented in fatal dog attacks this year. I wonder if the state is over represented in non-fatal attacks as well?

  6. i was mauled in Santa Barbara. I was left with my right arm disfigured, paralyzed and a spinal injury.
    No charges or civil penalties. In fact while I was in surgery the owner of the dog told animal control that I was the owner. He gave them his mother’s address as mine and that was that.
    I’m trying to get the Santa Barbara District attorney to file mayhem charges against the owner because he took those dogs off the property. he knew they were dangerous. They had bitten before. He couldn’t even get his mail delivered at his house. He breed then without a license.
    But not one charge. It is not just tennesee, it’s the whole country. They tell me I’m lucky, a few more seconds, I would have lost my arm.

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