Cocke County Dog Mauling Victim Moves into New Home Built by Volunteers

Brandon Williams Cocke County, TN - In one of the most uplifting stories has ever posted about, an outpouring of community support along with Shriners Hospitals for Children has created a remarkable new chapter in the life of a young Tennessee pit bull mauling victim. In August 2011, Brandon Williams, then 10-years old, was horribly mauled by two loose dogs (See: more photos). He suffered the loss of both ears along with extensive injuries to other parts of his b… [Read full blog post]

Part I: The Story of Harry Acklam, Murdered by Two Pit Bulls in 1896

Harry Acklam, 7-years old, was mauled to death by two pit bulls in 1896. An Awful Death Racine, MI - While researching historical fatal pit bull attacks in April, we discovered the 1896 death of Harry Acklam. The 7-year old boy had been gathering flowers with a friend when the attack unfolded. The case captivated our attention as it involved Racine manufacturing companies, teamsters and a self-appointed fatal dog attack investigator1 who concluded that the two bloody pit bu… [Read full blog post]

Another Gruesome Attack by a ‘Grandparent’s Pet Pit Bull’ Leaves Child Disfigured

Little girl suffers permanent disfiguring pit bull injuries. Ear Attachment Fails UPDATE 04/13/11: WSBT reported yesterday that Sarah Bailey has permanently lost the ear that was bitten off by her grandfather's pit bull last month. "Doctors reattached the ear while giving Sarah blood thinners to keep it alive," explains the WSBT reporter. "But her ear recently died. The doctors were forced to remove it." The news group also reports that Sarah's mother is now facing evict… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull Scalp Attack Victim, Brianna Watkins, Recuperating

From left: Brianna Watkins, offending pit bull and its owner Demetrius Miles. Special Report Columbus, GA - Last November, 12-year old Brianna Watkins was brutally attacked by a pit bull that scaled a 5-foot fence to get into her yard. She initially thought the dog was trying to play with her, until the animal tripped her1 and began attacking her head. Brianna suffered the lost of most of her scalp, both ears and facial nerve damage to the extent that she can no longer smile. In Ja… [Read full blog post]