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4 thoughts on “Bills Mount for Omaha Family of Dog Attack Victim

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  1. $113,935.50 – That’s just a starting balance, not a closing balance or representative of cost for continuing definitive treatment. This also doesn’t reflect lost wages of the parents and associated expenses. What a nightmare for a young family.

    I’m not aware of any jurisdiction that requires pit bull liability coverage greater than 100K. And as horrific as this attack was, the injuries were limited because of immediate intercession at the onset of the attack. This could have been much worse, and could easily have included injury to limbs, to the face, or to the torso with puncture wounds of the organs.

    Thinking back to the 1 million awarded for an American bulldog attack in Santa Rosa, California, it is abundantly clear the current liability requirements do not meet real world costs.

    But the troubling reality is that even where insurance is required, the least responsible pit bull owners will not obtain the coverage. This brings us back to the most workable solution…


  2. Exactly! 100,000 is peanuts for pit bull injury cost — it’s absolutely laughable. The treatment of Charlotte over the long haul is half a million and I’m being conservative. This is what many people do not get; they do not get the horrific cost of these injuries.

  3. You have to be nuts to own any dog, much less a Pit Bull without having them covered by insurance.

    For most breeds coverage is complimentary or costs a tiny premium a renters or homeowners policy.

  4. My Renter’s Policy covers my Black Labrador up to $300,000 and the whole policy is $127 per year. My auto ins. also came down $20 because of the renters policy. Pit bull insurance starts at about $400 a year.

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