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5 thoughts on “Pit Bull Kills Neighbor's Dog; No Penalties

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  1. Animal Care and Control says it would take at least two attacks on other animals for the pit bull to be deemed “dangerous.”

    Pit breeders, the rescues and owners must love this policy.

  2. That’s some 19th century cruelty right there…

    When the UKC was created as a registry in for Pit Bulls in 1898, a dog had to have a minimum of three kills to be eligible. It’s an abomination that West Palm Beach Animal Control uses the same standard.

  3. Wow….where are the anti-cruelty advocates on this one? I guess only SOME breeds of dog deserve protection, huh? It’s fashionable to be involved in pit bull rescue, and to fight anti-BSL legislation. But no one steps up to defend the countless numbers of animals killed by pit bulls; horses, livestock,and most commonly, small dogs.

    It’s just not PC to advocate for the animal victims of pit bulls…it muddies the water, so to speak. It makes the pro-pit lobby uncomfortable, because it points to a hard truth about the nature of fighting breeds. The so-called animal lovers who obsess about rescuing pit bulls and promoting them as safe family pets don’t want to hear it….they don’t really care about dogs, they only care about pit bulls.

  4. My next door neighbors pit bull killed my cat last week and bit my other neighbors lab in the neck a few months ago, that’s two attacks, but animal control wont do anything about it. No one will help us get the dog out of here because both of his attacks were while he was on a leash! It’s scary that he can attack and kill my pet while on a leash, what would happen if her ever got loose?! Someone needs to start helping the innocent people losing their pets and get rid of these awful dogs!

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