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11 thoughts on “LifeFlight Needed for Texas Pit Bull Attack Victim

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  1. A dog does not get put down in the state of Texas — or any state — if it “nips” someone on the finger. I imagine Michelle Crouse is FULL of wild tales…

    “I am a trainer that teaches you to communicate more effectively through understanding your dog’s language…”

    hmmm…. apparently this dog trainer and ‘aggression specialist’ doesn’t have the skills to understand her own dog’s behavior.

    welcome to the world of google karen!

  3. I think it is very important to note that the resume of this “dog trainer” is very shaky. It appears that she took a home correspondence course through “Animal Behavior College”, and signed up for membership in a few professional developement organizations. She lists no certifications, nor personal successes as a trainer of her own dogs, e.g. acheivement of advanced obedience titles (CDX, UDX, etc.) that would indicate she knows what she is doing.

    Unfortunately, dog training is not a regulated industry, and almost anyone can print up business cards and declare themselves a dog trainer. When I read the ridiculous statements made by this “trainer”, who, according to the article, only had the pit bull for one month, but was sure she knew the dogs motives, it reminded me once again that we should be skepticle of “experts” who claim that pit bulls are “unfairly targeted”. Many people who pose as “dog experts” or “trainers” or “dog behaviorists” actually have no real credentials, and are simply trying to lend credibility to their increasingly unbelievable arguments that pit bulls are “just like any other dog”.

  4. Don’t you all get it?…

    These Dogmen Wannabe’s actually believe they are superior dog owners and that they are smarter about normal dog behavior than the public. Maintaining Insurance and using muzzles are beneath them.

    Classic Lion Tamer Syndrome

  5. This Crous lady did not own Clutch, my neghbor did. Lucky for me that Clutch got dead after attacking people and his owner got prison for his dope dealing ways.

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