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3 thoughts on “Florida State Proposal to Allow Dangerous Dog Ban Stirs Debate

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  1. ”Pit bulls are not a problem here, and most of their attacks are against another dog. They only bite humans who are trying to defend their dog,” said Walesky, who opposes the bill.

    Classic Pro-Mauler speak!

    Translation: Killing other people’s dogs is perfectly natural and acceptable.

  2. Iam for banning pitbulls from the Statesuch of Florida because to many owners are irresponsible,or drug dealers or gang membors. there should be aspecial fee to keep dangerous dog $500 dollars and if noncompliant remove the dogs


    Please sponsor and help pass FL HB 564-dangerous dogs. There is nothing in the United States Constitution that prohibits discrimination against breeds of dogs. Please keep in mind these are dogs and under the juridiction of agricultural laws. Animals deemed dangerous are banned in local municipalities all the time, such as lions, tigers, etc. so dogs do not have such US Constitutional rights. State laws HAVE THAT RIGHT to not restrict dangerous dog legislation. In fact, insurance statistics and major dog fighting attorneys all testify that certain breeds are mostly responsible for maiming-and in some cases-killing children and the elderly, costing billions of dollars every year.

    Dog fighting is also on the rise: By restricting breeds, such as pit bulls (as determined by any municipality of which breed is mostly the problem), is a powerful intervention to fight this vice which funds gang activities and is where illegal narcotics and weapons are exchanged for crimes of violence. Miami Dade, FL has had a pit bull restriction since 1979-and it’s a fact that dog fighting is VERY RARE there.

    *Dangerous dog legislation protects the dogs as much as it does human beings!* – due to no dangerous dog laws–dog fighters currently can have as many pit bulls as they like-it’s their cash crop; they in fact are bred like chickens.

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