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4 thoughts on “Public dangerous dog list in Arlington, TX

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  1. I live in Arlington and have a pit bull. I have no problem with this ordinance and I hope it will force dog owners of all breeds to keep their animals more secure.

    It’s time to punish the other end of the leash.

  2. I have a 75lbs dog, he gets his shots each year. I carry his papers so he can go camping with me. He has a fenced in yard that does not allow him to be within 20 feet of the side walk. He has liability insurance to $300K.
    There is no dog ordinance in our town that requires this. I beleive there should be, for all large dogs, except pit bulls, because they are such sweet dogs, all they want to do is lick your face off. There shouldn’t be any rules for dogs as nice as them.

  3. I think it would be interesting to see what would happen if you e-mailed that list of dangerous dogs to all the insurances carriers licensed to sell homeowners insurance in that state…..I’ll bet the homeowners would get a big surprise when their agent showed up to cancel their insurance because they were now considered a liability.

    The rest of us are footing the bill for people who insist on owning aggressive dogs and refusing to manage them.

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