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11 thoughts on “Breeder Busted, up to 150 Dogs Seized in Dogfighting Raid

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  1. He looks like he could be right out of the movie “Deliverence”. He looks like an uneducated hick!!
    I wonder if he’d like to be locked into a rape stand…let the dogs be in charge of him for a day. Surely he wouldn’t mind…I mean, “they’re just dogs.”

  2. Hopefully, there is a special hot room in hell for these dog fighting neanderthals.

    Still, while the Pit Bull community feigns outrage at this guy and his ilk, he is no different than the 18th century british dogmen who selected the breed.

    On almost any Pit site you’ll read romantic wispings about the “gentlemanly Dogmen” of yesteryear. It’s hypocritical as hell.

  3. Damn right the practice is irreprehensible. This is a great image of today’s “gentleman” dog-fighter…

  4. I’ll never forget this face — God’s word. So poignant, uncivilized, and displaced it is.

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