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3 thoughts on “Pit Bull Attacks 9 Year Old Girl

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  1. If that wasn’t a pit bull used for dog fighting, I don’t know what is. That poor dog is COVERED in fight scars.

  2. The irony is, the so-called “pit bull lovers” won’t do a damn thing to help end the cruelty of dog-fighting. They fight against mandatory spay and neuter programs that would reduce the number of pit bulls being killed in shelters, and make it easier for law enforcement officials and animal control to seize dogs suspected of being used in fighting; these animals are worthless to dog-fighters if they are spayed/neutered.

    That’s because a lot of the pro-pit propaganda is being backed by BYBers and dogfighters.

  3. The Pit Bull propagandists continually tell us that human agressive fighting dogs are culled…

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