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4 thoughts on “Greyhound Mauled by Unmuzzled Pit Bull

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  1. it is disgusting how all of the pit bull experts strongly advise against taking pit bulls to off leash parks yet they will not even support a law that bans them from OLAS.

  2. Some misguided Pit Bull enthusiasts purposefully bring their dogs to dogparks for breed ambassadorship purposes.

    A few “responsible” Pit sites beg them not to.

  3. Sadly there was another dog attacked at Markham yesterday. Too many irresponsible owners…….

  4. my greyhound (on-leash, walking peacefully with me) was attacked by an off-leash pitbull in Oct 2006, whose owner said his dog had “never acted that way before.” our grey, timber, required $1000 emergency surgery, and had a 12″ drainage tube inserted under the skin on her back for 10 days (sticking out both ends). it was horrifying, but could have been much, much worse.

    i’m an animal advocate and dog lover, but i’m also a realist. some breeds are just plain dangerous.

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