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8 thoughts on “The Scars of Angela Silva: The Enduring Effects of a Pit Bull Attack

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  1. I can really relate to this story. I was mauled in 2006. The fear never goes away & I don’t want it to. If you burn your hand on a stove you learn not to touch it. When you are mauled by a pit bull you learn what they are capable of. There is no doubt in my mind that dog wanted me dead. How could you not be afraid of that?

  2. I haven’t been attacked, but when I let my dog’s outside I have to go with them to keep an eye on my neighbor’s dog. The whole time I’m out there he goes crazy growling and charging the fence. I have actually started getting physically ill when it’s time to take my dogs out. Unfortunately, there is no law to stop him, we have to wait til he gets over the fence and attacks me to get something done.

  3. Typically the victim laws that you mention require that the dog owner is convicted of a "felony" (aka victim felony funds). Few U.S. states have such laws regarding dog owners. Texas is way ahead of the curve.

  4. I was attacked in August 2008. Does California not have a Crime Victims' Compensation Program? This program in Texas saved my life because it paid my hospital bills.

  5. I was bit by a half pit bull 2 1/2 months ago and am still in the care of medical staff. I recieved the same reaction that I've seen on this site by the owners, "Your injury isn't that bad". I recieved eleven stitches in the ER and had vascular surgery, it became infected, spent four days in the hospital, and was left with two holes im my leg the diameter of a quarter, and one inch deep-where the upper and lower teeth of the dog had clamped on. The infection really did a number on me. The holes are conected by a cavity, where a nurse takes guaze and threads it from one hole to the next to help with the healing. which is painful.She does this twice a week. I am a combat vet, and when that thing clamped on I was back in combat mode fighting that thing off (not everyone has the luxery of slipping into combat mode when being bit by a pit bull). I hurt the dog, I also got bit in the hand when I punched it in the face. What if I hadn't been a 6'3" 245 lb combat vet, but rather a child? Did the dog want me dead? I was also the third person that thing bit!!

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