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4 thoughts on “PETA Supports Pit Bans

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  1. Breed specific laws are unjust. If owners followed existing laws, there would not be a problem. The people who breed and raise dogs for aggression often are not licensing their pets. The problem is not the breed, it is the owners! These breeds have many redeeming qualities when raised properly, and those who want these breeds do not want something else. Quit fearmongering and get proactive about enforcing existing laws that would address the problem more effectively.

  2. Hmm, I can’t show a mutt or a neutered/spayed dog. And, I can’t breed one either. There is a lack of supply of well bred pure bred dogs and a glut of mutts. So, I really don’t think the problem is pure bred dogs or their breeders. Most of what are called “pit bulls” are really just mutts owned by idiots. Figure out a way to ban idiots and I’ll sign up. But, then I won’t see Al Gore around anymore.

    Don Coombs

  3. So, the pit bull nutters want tight restriction on pit bull owners rather than the dogs. Since so many pit owners refuse to be responsible on their own, then legislation must be enacted requiring liability insurance, muzzles in public, proof of ongoing training, special licensing fees to deter just any idiot from owning one, highly secure fencing with penalties that include confiscation and destruction of pits who's owners refuse to comply. Or we could just ban the breed that more than any other, does the deed.

  4. This is why pit bull breeders/owners are absolutely rabid about hating and attacking PETA. It's not for the reasons, they say–it's because of this.

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