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6 thoughts on “Part I: The Story of Harry Acklam, Murdered by Two Pit Bulls in 1896

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  1. The Dog fighters job of compartmentalizing and smokescreening the damage they have caused society is truly remarkable.

  2. Its tragic. All you've brought together, such as the map, and the interview really brings this story back to life. You can see how far the dogs had ranged. It's interesting that the news report included the law and that dog owners were in theory held responsible for their dog's attack. Much different than today. There was also no discussion of provocation or blaming the victim.

    Of course the pit bull owners acted the same.

    Looking forward to the next installments.

  3. Thanks for sharing this riveting story. Without a doubt these dogs were pit bulls. The ridiculous argument that dogs in the pits were not human aggressive is just plain bullcrap.

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