Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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Blogger PitBullPushers  |  1/09/2011 2:57 PM  |  Flag  
This is just the deaths.

Now think about the disfiguring, disabling pit bulls maulings that have left a life of suffering, pain, countless surgeries, bankruptcies, post traumatic stress syndrome, depression and fear

compounded by the pit bull advocacy lobby's insistence on "blaming the victim" and humiliating them to cover for the known dangers of their fighting breeds.

Think about the beloved pets, the best friends and companions, torn apart by pit bulls in acts of animal cruelty occurring on our streets and in our yards daily.

And think about the legislators, some animal control people, some animal shelter people, some police, some judges, breeders, dog fighters all trying not only to protect these violent dogs, but trying to increase the numbers of these pit bull attacks.

Did you ever think you would see such ignorance and selfishness in this country?

Blogger .  |  1/12/2011 9:00 AM  |  Flag  
I'm keeping track of pit bull maulings. The people who survive.

If you would like to follow my blog, please visit

Blogger snack sized dog  |  1/13/2011 10:02 PM  |  Flag  
Thank you for doing all the work to put this together! I know this is a lot of work all year long. This is extremely valuable and important work.

Blogger Tegenpitjes  |  1/16/2011 6:57 PM  |  Flag  
Good job! Thank you.

Blogger Gene  |  3/09/2012 9:58 AM  |  Flag  
It sounds like a good reason to carry a hand gun!

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