Thursday, July 16, 2009

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Blogger bitbypit  |  7/16/2009 2:45 AM  |  Flag  
Note: Though news stories have been consistent about this incident, the last link we provide (liability insurance) is the most recent and offers the mother's story. "She said the dog had gotten loose and she was trying to put it back in its cage when her daughter, who doesn’t live at the residence, opened the back door." All earlier reports say that the child was playing in the backyard when the attack occurred.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/16/2009 3:18 AM  |  Flag  
So what do we have for pit bull names now? Monster, Savage, Felony, Killa, Killer, Kane (the literary character, "I kill things. It's what I was made to do. I'm rather good at it") Junkie, Al Queda, Brute, Beast, Vicious. Some owner must have named his pit bull "IED" by now.

PS. the popularity of the name Kane for pit bulls may stem back to the presa canario that killed Diane Whipple. The case captured headlines for years. But that dog's name was Bane meaning "that which causes ruin or woe." It's possible they confused to the two...

Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/16/2009 4:04 AM  |  Flag  
Its funny how these cases are treated in Ohio, since Pit Bulls are legally declared vicious animals.

Authorities seem reluctant to levyReckless Endangerment charges when a nutter exposes a child to this clearly defined danger.

Early this year a girl was mauled by a Pit that slept with her. Yet, no charges came from allowing a child to sleep with a "vicious Animal".

There needs to be some jail time here.

Anonymous Don  |  7/16/2009 9:05 AM  |  Flag  
Ohio has the most restrive state laws on pit bulls...

It doesn't go far enough.


Anonymous mrs.poodle  |  7/16/2009 9:53 AM  |  Flag  
The child opened the back door. ?
Sounds like the mother is setting up a "blame the victim" plot.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/16/2009 1:20 PM  |  Flag  
This case happened in a state that automatically designates pit bulls as vicious. Why are law enforcement agencies there IGNORING this?

Blogger P.  |  7/16/2009 2:54 PM  |  Flag  
If he had left her in a tub of water and she drown, would there be charges? Of course and this is no damn different.

Anonymous Jimmy O  |  7/16/2009 4:36 PM  |  Flag  
These pit bull scofflaws are a real drain on the system.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/18/2009 12:07 AM  |  Flag  
Add "Natas" to the list of pit bull names.

"said Many Tucker. She owns a pit bull named Natas, that's Satan spelled backwards."

Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/18/2009 2:29 PM  |  Flag  
Today's kennel buster takes two kids out in single attack:
"Two children were injured when a pit bull dog got out of a kennel and attacked them Thursday afternoon. A Moultrie police officer was called to a house on West Central Avenue about 4:20 p.m. Thursday about a dog bite. The officer met with Shirley Ward, who stated the dog got out of a kennel on her property and attacked two children, a 3-year-old girl and an 8-year-old girl..."

Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/18/2009 9:15 PM  |  Flag  
Add "Patrone" which was notorious Columbia drug lord Pablo Escobar's moniker.

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