Sunday, December 14, 2008

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Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/14/2008 5:56 AM  |  Flag  
In these owners minds, reporting the attack to first responders would reflect badly on the breed. Eff the bleeding victim.

Seriously, It needs to be a felony to Dine and Dash".

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/14/2008 5:59 AM  |  Flag  
Yep...Just like how the string pullers instruct the noobs not to go to dogparks. Not because having a pit bull tear a regular dog to shreds is wrong...but because the fallout will reflect badly on the breed!

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/14/2008 8:44 AM  |  Flag  
Kudos to Maine law enforcement for bringing charges IMMEDIATELY. In so many of these cases, local law enforcement simply has AC impound the dogs, and nothing at all happens to the owners.

I am from New England, and have spent quite a bit of time in Maine; Mainers are a no-nonsense bunch, practical folks with a live and let live philosophy; but they don't take kindly to folks "from away" telling them what to do. I suspect the dog lobby would have a tough time influencing Mainers into passing weak dog laws, because Maine natives will do what is right for their community.

Anonymous bluesmom  |  12/14/2008 8:53 AM  |  Flag  
Injuries like this on a diabetic's lower legs are VERY serious. Healing may be very slow and the possibility of infection very high. This woman faces a long and expensive recovery.

Anonymous KAREN  |  12/14/2008 11:06 AM  |  Flag  
Leaving the scene of YOUR dog attack should carry as heavy a penalty as hit and run drivers. Refusing to help stop YOUR dog from attacking should carry even heavier penalties.
This is an outrage.

Anonymous Trigger  |  12/14/2008 2:15 PM  |  Flag  
THANK GOD the Supreme Court of Texas agrees. Can you believe a case had to go the a Supreme Court to gain such a ruling?

Texas Supreme Court: Dog Owner Can't "Watch" Attack and Do Nothing

You better believe these dogs were pits.

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