Sunday, October 19, 2008

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Anonymous Anonymous  |  10/19/2008 2:49 AM  |  Flag  
This attack was exactly the type that Lillian's Law was intended to punish. Massive damage, off-property,etc...all the DA has to do is establish dog ownership and he has a slam dunk case....What the hell is going on with these DAs in Texas?

Blogger sanfrangirlio  |  12/20/2008 3:55 PM  |  Flag  
you would think slam dunk, but not so.
I was mauled in CA. Paralyzed and disfigured. Taking the dog off your property protects the owner from liability. I have 90,000. in unpaid medical bills and the court said the insurance company did not have to pay. Everyone told meslam dunk.

Blogger sanfrangirlio  |  12/20/2008 8:39 PM  |  Flag  
The DA hasn't pressed charges yet. The ownership of the dogs has been decided by the court, but so far no criminal or civil penalties. Do you know why? Because they all say they didn't mean for it to happen. I'm told i'm lucky I survived. Funny I don't feel lucky.

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