Saturday, January 12, 2008

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Anonymous Anonymous  |  1/12/2008 6:17 AM  |  Flag  
Original attack story here:

Anonymous Dee  |  1/12/2008 7:14 AM  |  Flag  
Good God -- this is a terrible story.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  1/12/2008 8:17 AM  |  Flag  
Gotta wonder if the dog owner had any insurance coverage for sweet BoBo and Merlin?

"Doctors had to put Paula into a medically-induced coma for three days. She spent several more weeks in the hospital. She says she began to be able to whisper words a little more than a month ago. She says doctors finally took "the tube" out of her neck this past Wednesday. She says even though her medical bills are now hundreds of thousands of dollars, she wants those who have stepped up to support her know how much she appreciates it. The financial hardship caused her to sell her home. She and her three daughters now live with other family members."

Anonymous Anonymous  |  1/12/2008 10:46 AM  |  Flag  
People selling their homes in order to deal with the financial hardship of a severe dog attack...
I can't even begin to express the rage I feel about this story.
I have been on the BSL fence, I just crossed over.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  1/12/2008 11:02 AM  |  Flag  
I just went back and read the original story. If the owner of the dogs truly felt as horrible as he claims, he would give this woman his own house.
Mohrbacker, I don't know how you can live with yourself.

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