Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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Anonymous Anonymous  |  1/30/2008 7:31 AM  |  Flag  
Prevent the Deed..Restrict the Breed!

Anonymous Dog Lover  |  1/30/2008 11:38 AM  |  Flag  
You know, one of the most common arguments the pro-pit lobby uses to argue against BSL is that, if you ban one breed, irresponsible owners will simply turn to another aggressive breed. So theoretically, if you ban pit bulls, like Aurora did, two years later you should see a lot of Rotties, Filas, Mastiffs, Presas, Cane Corsos, etc, filling up the shelters.

The problem is, there is no evidence that this has happened anywhere pit bulls have been banned. I just went online and took a look at the Aurora Animal shelter, and out of almost 40 dogs available, I only saw one Rottie mix and a few GSD/GSD mixes. So, clearly, people have not run out and aquired other types of muscle dogs to breed and dump in shelters.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  1/30/2008 12:33 PM  |  Flag  
To be fair and not impact anyone's self esteem, all biting incidents must be treated the same! Whether a single fear nip from a peeing cocker spaniel, or an off property Pit Bull attroci-mauling resulting in a lifeflight and years of surgery.

This is a civil rights issue....

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