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9 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Taylorsville Woman Dies After Being Attacked by Her Son's Pack of Pit Bulls

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  1. This is so sad. The victim let her son move in with her. He brought
    his pitbull family too. If the mom had said, “You can move back in, but you cannot bring your dogs,” she would be alive today. Instead, she was tortured to death.

    It appears to me that physicians are having difficulty assessing the degree of injury. Injuries get infected. The degree of loss of
    tissue can be difficult to assess. Besides, the physician would want to leave as much tissue as possible in order for the victim to function.

    I frankly cannot understand how the doctors can handle this
    extreme trauma successfully.

    Thankfully, all the dogs in this pack were destroyed. Pitbull puppies are cute, but we don’t need to put the offspring of killers up for adoption.

    • I’m going to take a wild and crazy guess and say that a) Momma had sympathy for her son, and what mother wouldn’t, so of course she had to take him in, and b) Momma thought those puppies were oh-so-cute.

      OTOH, if Momma had a dog-free house and stood firm on that rule, she’d probably still be alive today.

  2. Poor lady want to help her son and she died because her son was a fool to own a dangerous dog breed.not one but seven dogs.i bet he’s one the believer of the cult pitbull are lovely dogs they’re great family pet they love babies it not the breed it the owner they aren’t bad dogs and if you say so then You are a hater.I wonder if the mom want all the dogs to lived with her or he convince her that they aren’t dangerous dogs that why his own seven to prove a point.

  3. I meant to said he own seven pitbull to prove a point. I wonder if he was married and his wife was cool owing a pitbull but she draw the line when he own the third to the seven and she kicked him about disaster waiting to happen.

    • The son had a breeding pair of pitbulls. They had a litter of puppies which he was unable to sell or give away. I don’t know if he had lived with his mother a long time or moved back recently. The puppies might have been born elsewhere and brought in.

      Pitbulls are good mothers and typically raise large litters. One neighbor to me had a pittie who raised a litter of sixteen puppies.
      The shelters are full of pitbulls. The local animal shelter might be a no kill shelter. If so, it probably doesn’t accept owned dogs. In other words, this son may not have had a reasonable way to get rid of his puppies. Taking them to a veterinarian to be euthanized would have been difficult, and many veterinarians would refuse to euthanize healthy dogs.

      Pitbull owners produce a lot of puppies. They don’t consider spaying/neutering.
      Everyone would love their puppies and they would make lots of money selling them. This tragic death is likely related to unsold puppies. Maybe his breeding pair was dangerous.
      We will never know the truth.

  4. There needs to be public service announcements made about the dangers of letting your kids move back home with dangerous dogs.

    We see many cases like this every year.
    In spite of this, many people are still unaware that dogs routinely kill people.

    I would suspect older people tend to fall in to that group more often.
    Death by shelter dog used to be unheard of.
    Now it is a routine occurrence.

    With the way the economy is going more and more sons and daughters will be moving back home.
    I fear we will be reading about these attacks more frequently for years to come.

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