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9 thoughts on “YouTuber Reviews Dramatic Fort Dodge Police Bodycam Footage After Violent Pit Bull Attack in November 2023

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  1. Poor lady imagine the pain she felt being attacked be this two ugly beast of pitbull.I’m happy she she survived but feel sorry for her because she would never be normal again .the cops must felt bad looking at her exposed body like that seeing her bones sticking out horrible thing to witness. I’m glad they killed those dogs and they aren’t living to attack again and I hope the owners faced the worst consequences the laws offered.

  2. Never EVER go to a home where even one pit bull or pit mix is present, much less multiples. Losing a ‘friend’ is better than losing your legs or your life.

    Sounds like a breeding operation, probably went over to take care of the maulers for a friend out of town.
    Just don’t do it.

    • This can happen with other dogs too. My boss’ rottweiler ate a tire off his car, once. Had to do with training on tires for bite strength. However, he had the common sense to realize that it was a bad idea, after that.

      It happens because pitbull culties hang tires off trees then let the dogs attack and swing on them. Dogs generalize. “If I am cheered on to grab and maul the tire on the tree, lookee here…another tire! YAY ME” and find it exciting and fun.

        • Agreed, I noted that, after the comment uploaded on my second read through.

          This isn’t the first “pitbull ate car” story I’ve come across though. Whether cats or tires, these dogs have zero brakes and less common sense.

  3. The pitbulls did what they were bred to do. Maim and/or kill. I doubt if the pitbulls’ owners even care. They will need to get more pitbulls which are readily available. They just cannot get them at a shelter since those are already neutered.

    I hope the poor woman can still enjoy life with the severity of her injuries.

  4. Another case too where some cops stand around doing nothing. YAY for the woman cop with the good sense to use the table as a shield and the male cop with the sense to use a shovel to create distance then shoot–not screwing around. I’d wager money those two are dog-savvy. And likely *not* pitbull fans. If they ever were–they’re not, now. Likely traumatized for life.

    Another breeding situation gone awry. Another maimed (and not out of the woods, yet) victim of someone else’s idiocy. Meanwhile, the pitbull culties will claim “but she went in his house” without knowing what her familiarity was with the owner or the dogs. Could be he hired her to dog sit? Who knows? Anybody with a sane cell in their body wouldn’t just enter a house with six unfamiliar, large dogs.

    This woman’s life as she knew it, is destroyed. Her family and friends, devastated. At least two cops will be living with the trauma for life (and good on those two for their decisive, courageous actions boo on any cops who stood around outside–cowardice is contagious as is bravery) and a whole neighbourhood living in anxiety lest it happen, again.

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