Aurora Voters Favor Keeping Pit Bull Ban by Wide Margin in First General Election Vote

64% Voted in Favor of Keeping the City's Pit Bull Ban UPDATE: November 24, Final Election Results Final election results have been posted for all three counties. The final results for Proposition 2D in Adams County shows a 60% to 40% margin in favor of keeping the pit bull ban (total votes 6,744). Arapahoe County, which contains the bulk of the Aurora voters, shows a 65% to 35% margin in favor of keeping the pit bull ban (total votes 92,747). Douglas County, with only a small numbe… [Read full blog post]

Aurora Citizens: Do Not Rescind Your Successful Pit Bull Ban

Vote No on Pit Bull Ballot Question, Proposition 2D Vote No on Proposition 2D Aurora, CO - On October 14, ballots will begin to be mailed to all registered voters in Aurora, Colorado. In a first ever general election vote, the public will be asked the following: "Shall the people of Aurora adopt an ordinance allowing pit bulls back into their city?" We urge residents of Aurora to vote no. The City of Aurora adopted a pit bull ban in 2005. Since this time, serious pit bull maulings ha… [Read full blog post]

Vote in Miami-Dade County to Repeal Pit Bull Ban Fails by Wide Margin

63% Favor Ban  |  Results PDF Miami, FL - Back in March, wrote about the state legislative attempt, spearheaded by Rep. Carlos Trujillo, to repeal the Miami-Dade pit bull ban (HB 997) and its Senate counterpart (SB 1322). What put a halt to that effort was an agreement by Miami-Dade Commissioners to place the item on a countywide ballot on August 14 and let the public decide. By late evening of the 14th, the voice of the public was clear: Do not repeal the Miami-Dade… [Read full blog post]