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11 thoughts on “2024 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Killed by Three Pit Bulls with History of Aggression in Portsmouth, Virginia

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  1. Poor lady died by something easily preventable. It’s bad enough that pitbull are “family dogs “ service animals but they didn’t do anything to when the owner dangerous dog was aggressive before. I can’t imagine what she went through to get bitten to death not by one but three evil dangerous dogs I hope they put the dogs down and ban them for life from adopting are having more pitbull.and I hope her death hunt them for the rest of their lives.

  2. The police chief’s reminder “to not trespass or attempt to interact with animals without explicit permission from the owners” is blaming the victim.

    “Some people jumped on the person who lives in the house. They blame him, and they beat him up … He was taken to the hospital,” a neighbor said. Justice shouldn’t be left to vigilantes – but they have a better understanding than the police chief about who is to blame.

    Also laws and Animal Control or the lack thereof.

    • Maybe victim blaming is wrong, but victims wouldn’t always be victims if they were more careful. This story is confusing. Were alcohol and/or drugs involved?

      If I were a farmer and kept a very dangerous, top producing bull in a secure pen with plenty of warning signs, whose fault would it be if a stranger entered the pen and was killed? The farmer’s, as he should have kept a very poorly producing gentle bull?

      I read today about zoo employees stealing alligator eggs from under alligators. Does this sound very safe? For trained staff, it might be. For other people, it’s idiocy.

      I personally think that the answer here may not always be simple.

      • That bull has a purpose, it doesn’t exist to harm people. People don’t always agree on what is right and what is wrong; I think weaponized dogs serve no good purpose, produce nothing good, and shouldn’t exist.

        Isn’t it illegal to set up booby traps in your home meant to mail or kill intruders?

      • It is easy to avoid a dangerous bull.

        The insidious thing about pit bulls is that they usually live in houses with humans. And therein lies the problem.

        The story IS confusing. Why did the victim move barricades and enter the room? I don’t get it.

        • I’m with you Cindy. I call bullroar on this. The owner claims the dogs were barricaded and unless someone else confirms that with video proof I don’t believe a word of it.

          How many times have pitbull owners claimed that someone entered their yard which turns out to be nonsense? Or that someone did something mean to their beloved pibbles forcing it to defend itself? Or that the victim had the audacity to sneeze and scare da pibbles into cannibalizing them?

          The dogs had a history of aggression. We all know pitbulls can eat a car, knock over hundreds of pounds to get to a target etc. etc.

          People take the law into their own hands when they feel like there’s no justice for them. And in the case of pitbull ownership and responsibility, that’s far too often, the truth. Or someone afraid of their neighbours thinks a pitbull will keep them away without thinking through the consequences of that choice.

  3. Someone keeping or living with a pit bull (mix) would be a deal breaker of friendship for me. The times I’ve had personal encounters with them I can count on two hands, but I remember each and every detail from those moments. Looking back, it was like being in the presence of a man eating shark.

    Thank you so much, Colleen. You are truly appreciated and loved for your commitment and dedication to this cause.♡

  4. Maybe she was going to feed the dogs. Maybe she was seeking to talk to the owner. Maybe she was just curious as to what was behind door #3.

    Regardless of the circumstances, whether it was a miscalculation of the danger involved or an accident or a tragic chain of fantastic events that all began with viewing a few items that would have been tough to unload as a Craigslist curb alert freebie…

    Another person is dead after a savage attack by the usual suspect{s].

    She didn’t seek this fate deliberately. Nor deserve it.

    Interesting that a group of people sought out the owner for some vigilante justice. They must have realized the “accident” angle doesn’t apply here. That despite the narrative put forth by “Nanny dog Nation”, that these “things” are dangerously unpredictable , and keeping one in your home is akin to booby trapping it with landmines. What an awful way to drive home the “can’t fool all the people all of the time” lesson.

  5. I hope they guy they beat up was actually the owner.

    If he was I think Chris Rock put it best “I can’t condone it. I can understand it, but I can’t condone it.”

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