Coroner: Dead Before Mauling - Man Found Dead Could be Result of Dog Pack Attack in Big Spring, Texas

Big Spring police suspect that Jasson Bullard, 40-years old, was killed by a loose dog pack. Post-Mortem Bites UPDATE 01/08/24: Preliminary autopsy findings indicate that Jasson Bullard, 40, died of pulmonary emphysema with bullae formation, a chronic lung condition, and that animal predation occurred post-mortem. Bullard's death marks the second high profile case in 2023 where post-mortem predation (bite damage) occurred. Bullard's body was exposed in an outdoor… [Read full blog post]

Coroner: Dead Before Mauling - Spokane County Woman Found Dead in Vacant Field with Aggressive Dog

The medical examiner ruled that Carol Streit, 65, died of a heart attack. Post-Mortem Bites UPDATE 12/21/23: Despite the grisly details about this death, including the victim's left arm being "skin and bones," her right hand missing, found wearing only a bra, her pants pulled below her waist and blood-stained clothing found in a nearby field, the Spokane Medical Examiner's Office said Carol Streit died of natural causes, a heart attack. The animal predation (bite damage)… [Read full blog post]

Coroner Rules Cause of Death Heart Attack After Pit Bull Attacks Two in Morgan County, Missouri

A woman, 61, was found dead after being attacked by a pit bull she was dog sitting. Post-Fatality Dog Bites UPDATE 10/07/18: Last week, we were finally able to talk to the county coroner. He confirmed the victim suffered a fatal heart attack and was bitten by the dog afterward. The bites were inflicted post-mortem. Despite the conflicting media reports, one news report did clearly state this. Initially, police did not know the order of the events, not until the autopsy was comp… [Read full blog post]

2017 Dog Bite Fatality: 22-Year Old Woman Dies in 'Grisly Mauling' by Her Own Pit Bulls in Virginia

After the Dogs Killed Her, They Consumed Part of Her Remains Bethany Lynn Stephens, 22, was brutally attacked and killed by her own pit bulls. Investigation Complete UPDATE 02/20/18: Today the Goochland County Sheriff's Office released a summary report of the death investigation of 22-year old Bethany Stephens. On December 13, 2017 Stephens left her father's home at about 3:45 pm to take her two male pit bulls, Tonka and Pacman, for a walk. She never returned. Stephens was m… [Read full blog post]