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20 thoughts on “Coroner: Dead Before Mauling - Man Found Dead Could be Result of Dog Pack Attack in Big Spring, Texas

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  1. Poor Jason may he Rest In Peace.I wonder if they were the surrounding neighbor dogs roaming dogs who jumped the gate and attack him or were they dog that belong to the customer.people dying by roaming dogs if that the case because they wont do anything about it not because its fulled it because they don’t care and put tougher rules/bans on roaming dogs.

    • JC, I’ve been saying the same thing.

      Pitbulls are so overbred that they’re infecting even friendly mongrel lines and everything else. At some point, we’ll come to view dogs as the enemy and it won’t be that long in the future.

      What needs to happen is culling them out of the dog population then a few generations of keeping only the most biddable puppies with no signs of aggression to get a population of friendly dogs, again.

      Note that in many other countries most street dogs are *not* dangerous. In fact, they’re very friendly because dogs are natural scavengers and people are walking lunch machines.

      • Good luck getting people to cooperate with that sensible culling program. Pandora’s box has been opened. We would need to make it illegal to own these dangerous breeds and have law enforcement responsive to complaints. I can envision social change similar to how MADD enacted controls on drunk driving. But for now the pit-loving “drunks” are in the driver’s seat. Maybe someday the voice of reason will overpower the screaming of the pit apologists.

  2. 2023 was a record year as far as the number of people killed by dogs is concerned. There are still many more people killed in automobile accidents than killed by dogs.

    Years ago I was involved in the depopulation of a seventy dog pack of
    feral dogs. No one was concerned about getting hurt and no one was hurt. All dogs had to be caught with a catch pole. Can anyone imagine what would happen today? A wild pack would be horribly dangerous. The elderly owner of the dogs would have been killed and eaten. The dogs would have fought to the point that dogs would have been
    killed and eaten. Livestock owned by neighbors would have come to a miserable end.

    The world has changed. Pitbulls are hard to confine. Few of them are spayed/neutered. They escape and breed whatever dogs are
    available. As an example of this stupidity, a client of mine years ago had an elderly mixed breed female dog which was in heat and the owner didn’t want her bred so she chained up her intact male dog in her backyard and left the bitch loose inside the fenced in yard. This thirteen year old female fortunately was able to deliver her litter of one puppy. In the era of today, the woman’s male dog would have been killed by pitbulls and pitbulls would have sired that puppy or a larger litter.

    At any rate, it is very sad when people are
    being tortured and killed by pitbulls. It is also inexcusable to have dogs killing their owners. Unfortunately, today the killer breed of dogs must be re-homed. The shelters are adopting out dogs that kill. Certainly I don’t like the idea that all pitbulls would be destroyed. On the other hand, shelters cannot keep releasing
    dangerous dogs. What is the best solution?

    • The bare minimum that should have happened decades ago is shelters need to get out of the pit pushing business.

      Pits found on the streets are either escape artists or were dumped by their previous owner for bad behavior.

      They ALL need to be euthanized.

      As far as pit owners they must be held accountable for the actions of their dogs.
      As far as I am concerned all dog owners should be held accountable for the actions of their dogs.
      I don’t understand why that is controversial now but it is.

      That means financial and legal responsibility

      If your dog maims someone you go to jail for felony assault and you pay their hospital bills and a large sum for pain and suffering.

      If your dog kills some one you go to jail for manslaughter and make a large payment to their estate.

      This all seems like the bare minimum yet it will never get done.

      Blood sport dogs are worth more than children and the elderly now.

      I suspect more shelters, counties and states will ban euthanasia for behavior, will continue to dump tens of thousands of dollars into health care for basket case dogs that no one wants that will have no quality of life, dogs that nobody wants will be warehoused for 5 and 10 years and shelters will become even more pit obsessed, if that is even possible.

      I honestly could see states implementing mandatory pit adoptions.
      As in you can’t adopt any other kind of dog unless you adopt a pit first.

      Not sure how they will square that with “No one can ID a pit/ Pits don’t exist/ Pits are the best dogs for parents with young and succulent children” but I bet they could find a way.

      TL;DR I am not hopeful for the future.

  3. It’s sad but it’s one of the reasons why I feel compelled to walk around my neighborhood armed. One criteria is my weapon must be sufficient to immediately incapacitate an attacking dog at a distance to prevent myself getting maimed in the process. That precludes sticks, shockers, knives. Have to have something that will incapacitate from a distance. So , I do. Way too many pits and pit mixes roaming loose these days.

    • You are very wise. The use of shockers sticks sprays and knives is riskier for the attacked than a firearm. Many ppl are so anti gun and that’s fine they can use sticks and pepper sprays and carry around knives to protect themselves from pit bulls but how dare them expect me or any1 else to be as stupid.
      I’m glad I’m not the only person with sense.
      Much respect

  4. The pitbull ban that was recently lifted in my husband’s hometown had been put in place after a brutal mauling in the 80s. The victim then survived, and is still alive today, thank God. It is outrageous to me that 40 years ago a seriously injurious mauling could bring about a commonsense ban, but now TWO fatalities are unlikely to result in any action. So very tragic, and infuriating.

      • I think it’s deliberate.

        As long as we’re forced to focus on fighting the pitbull pushers, we aren’t engaged in fighting the people who financially benefit from creating mayhem in vulnerable neighbourhoods through those pit pushers.

        It keeps us, and the pitbull pushers afraid and at each others’ throats and out of their way.

        This is a simple problem to solve by banning pitbulls. Period. End of pitbull pushing.

        However, the political will is not there.

  5. I am suspicious any time the coroner rules “dead before mauling”.

    I suspect they do this to try to comfort the friends and family of the deceased.

    A 40 year old killed by emphysema?

    This man was healthy enough to walk around and then suddenly emphysema killed him and then a pack of dogs ripped him apart?

    What are the odds on that?

    I don’t want to come off as some sort of conspiracy nut.
    I just have my doubts that with no witnesses coroners can rule with any certainty that someone was dead or alive when they were mauled.

    I understand the heart would be pumping if you were alive and that would make a difference.
    I am just not sure you could find proof of that difference hours later.

    • I am certainly no coroner, but I am sure there would be no hemorrhage at the sites of “bites”. Emphysema can present with large bullae (area of no alveoli and just air). If that was a cause of death, I would expect there would be signs of cyanosis (blue discoloration). Bullae can rupture leaving a larger pocket of air which could put pressure on surrounding lung. The rupture could also be into the chest cavity which would prevent lung from inflating normally.

      Coroners are responsible for finding the actual cause of death.

      We have no medical history.
      Emphysema is a part of COPD which is prevalent in our world.

      This site is about the truth. There are far too many people killed by dogs in our country. We don’t need to add to that number because it fits our agenda. Stray dogs are frequently very hungry so it is reasonable that they would eat a dead body.

    • We went through our records of post-mortem canine predation cases. This occurred once in our records since 2007: “I suspect they do this to try to comfort the friends and family of the deceased.” That coroner (which is an elected position, not an ME, like in Spokane County) was on the chopping block for multiple bad calls at the time.

      Strode’s body had been mauled by dogs before she was found in a Springfield home in 2008. Boone concluded she died from a cocaine overdose.”

      “Take the case of Amber Strode, whose body was found mutilated by pit bulls in January. Cocaine overdose, Boone concluded after an autopsy and toxicology test. Not so, says Strode, who accuses Boone of settling on an accidental overdose to avoid upsetting Strode’s family.”

      Amber Strode is not included in the fatal dog bite victims’ database.

  6. Dr Duke, I’m wondering about this too. For instance Carol Streit, 65, in Spokane:

    The animal predation (bite damage) was inflicted post-mortem, Chief Medical Examiner Veena Singhs stated, “and did not cause or contribute to death.”

    Isn’t it true, though, that the woman was eaten? Those initial wounds weren’t even there to see, because the dog literally ate the evidence. I’m willing to believe that the remaining bites were inflicted post mortem: because the dog kept eating. And we know that bleeding to death causes a heart attack. Would another expert agree with that medical examiner’s finding? There are questions here and I would like to see them answered.

    I think Carol Streit lived alone. Who will demand answers and look more closely at the deaths of people with no immediate family?

    • Bleeding to death does not cause a heart attack (myocardial infarction). It does drop the blood pressure and blood flow through vital organs. Then most of the organs will fail due to improper oxygenation.
      There have been cases where animals have eaten the heart and lungs. Then a cause of death may not be attainable.

      • I’m definitely not a doctor – I’m afraid I was just repeating what I had heard, when I said people who bleed to death suffer heart attacks. I will follow Colleen’s link to find out more.

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