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31 thoughts on “Coroner: Dead Before Mauling - Spokane County Woman Found Dead in Vacant Field with Aggressive Dog

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  1. Wow, I appreciate your careful journalism. I had found Carol’s Facebook page and assumed the old dog pictured there was the culprit. I hope Carol had loved ones who will find justice for her, if any is possible.

  2. And now, because of their ridiculous vote to ban the euthanasia of dogs for behavioral reasons (killing a human), these idiots (City of Spokane Council Members) have two dogs they cannot humanely euthanize. Do they even comprehend what they have done? The euthanasia of dangerous dogs is done in the interest of keeping their constituents and their communities safe!
    I find myself wondering if this woman acquired the dog who likely killed her from SCRAPS. If so SCRAPS and the council members of the City of Spokane have much to answer for in the last two deaths by dog in Spokane.
    I have much more to say about this, but I’ll save it for later after others have commented.

    • Yes. This victim worked for Spokane County and Spokane County has verified the dog was recently adopted. SCRAPS is the Spokane County animal welfare agency. Notably, one does need to read between the lines for this because KXLY did not explicitly state this, but we believe this is the case. “If so SCRAPS and the council members of the City of Spokane have much to answer for in the last two deaths by dog in Spokane.” Well, they have not responded to our first FOIA. We already sent the information about “Spud” (child killer) to KHQ — they have done nothing with it. We sent it to KXLY Friday afternoon. In the history of there has never been a county dog pound that adopted out TWO killer dogs in a two-month time span, and, all while going through the “behavior euthanasia” drama. It’s getting surreal.

  3. I’m thinking she was homeless that explains the empty lot and her own pitbull killed her I seen lots of homeless people with pitbull .all I know about dangerous dogs like pitbull they’re on death row and they are put down in couple of days.but the bleeding heart pitbull defender stop them for killing the dangerous pitbull poor lady to died by her own dog because she believed in the pitbull lied.

    • She worked for the county. We don’t believe she was homeless.

      “Spokane Regional Health District, where Streit worked, remembered her on Friday.

      “We are shocked and saddened by the news,” SRHD said in a statement. “Carol was a joy to work with and was loved by her patients. She had a smile and laugh that was infectious; you couldn’t help but grin and laugh along. Our hearts go out to her family. As colleagues and friends of Carol, we share in their grief for the loss of such a wonderful person. She will be missed.”

    • Carol was not homeless – she was a drug recovery counselor working for Spokane County. She didn’t live far from there and would always walk her dogs along the river – along with many others here in Spokane.

  4. I would never adopt a pit or pit mix from a shelter or anyone else for that matter. WHY are people so gullible? Perhaps the victim felt safe because her former pit didn’t show signs of being aggressive and never mauled her. Anecdotal. Just because you’ve owned one savage that didn’t maul you, does not mean that another one will be safe. Add puking to the trigger list for pit savages.

  5. SCRAPS now has custody of the dog, cannot euthanize it, do you think in light of what this owner did to it they will garner the sympathy vote and adopt the thing out again? Ugh. Disgusting dogs owned by disgusting people.

    • Yeah, first thing I thought when I saw the headline with Spokane in it was, “bet they’re going to try to adopt the thing out again”.

      The heads of SCRAPS should be charged with manslaughter at the very least.

    • And every worker that has to feed it, or groom it, or clean the waste out of its cage is at risk *for the lifetime of that dog*.

      Too bad shelter workers aren’t decently unionized. With all the injuries this nonsense would be stopped, post haste.

  6. Once again, we see the misuse of the word “rescue.”

    People, unless you pulled that dog out of a raging river or carried it out of a burning building, you didn’t rescue it. You bought it.

    In short, it’s a business transaction, just like buying new tires for your car.

    • If you had a cow that kept kicking you in the face when you milked it so you turned it into dog chow–nobody would be complaining that you “rescued it” therefore you should let it kill you.

      Somehow apex predators get a pass.

      Colour me, confused.

  7. As we all know, this dog wasn’t raised right. If it had been raised right, it wouldn’t have attacked her. However, how can a shelter determine whether or not a dog was raised right? It seems to me that a shelter would have to euthanize all the pitbulls and pitbull mixes because this would be the only way to protect the public from adopting dangerous dogs.

    In general, most of the dogs available in a shelter have been raised by someone who cares very little about the dog. Otherwise, the dog wouldn’t be homeless.
    There are certainly other reasons why dogs are in a shelter.
    Owner died. New home didn’t allow dogs. Etc.

    The truth is that no one can predict whether or not a dog is going to bite the rest of its life. One, however, can predict the severity of a bite by looking at breeds of dogs.

    One prediction that we can make is that the incidence of humans killed by pitbulls and pitbull mixes is going
    to increase.

    These days I am around a woman who has owned pitbulls and adores them. I asked her what happened to her pitbulls. She took the mommy dog to the veterinarian to be euthanized because she had bitten a police officer in the leg. The other pitbulls were mostly her progeny that weren’t sold because no one wanted them. Same Old Broken Story!

    • The “raised right” pitbull is a myth. I agree with your assessment that shelters should euthanize pits and pit mixes. It sounds as if SCRAPS director Jesse Ferrari cares about public safety and cleaned house of the employees unwilling to euthanize, then those former employees used the press to try to undermine her, after which city council took away her power to do the right thing. If enough residents were to complain to city council, they would reverse that decision.

      • This nonsense took place in a certain Humane Society I know. The administrator was an absolute nutter. She got rid of anyone who wasn’t a nutter. Nice huskies died so pitbulls could stay, hunting dogs died so pitbulls could stay, big friendly dogs were the ones hitting the euthansia room in unprecedented waves as pitbulls overran the place–some even loose in the offices.

        Sure enough, all the pitbulls they were selling to the public caused a spate of pitbull manglings.

        Then we had BSL and a massive public outcry.

        Out she went. Out her nutters, went.

        For a decade or two, all was good.

        Now I’m at the bus stop and a six foot ad for that same Humane society is shilling for a pitbull.

        In a province that has BSL. Animal Control is doing zero enforcement.

        This, folks, is the insanity we are up against.

  8. The manner of death has come back as natural. We don’t know yet if the bites were a contributing cause of death. We know she was heard yelling “help” and that the bite injuries were severe, including the amputation of her hand. We know that cause of death in some cases is a heart attack (like the below) that occurred during a violent dog mauling. We also know that serious bites can be inflicted post-mortem. We will wait for local media to question the coroner/police and see if some of these questions are answered:

    Name: Carol Streit
    Age: 65 years
    Cause of Death: Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy
    Manner: Natural

  9. Here are the facts:
    Carol Streit had a job working for Spokane County as an opiate addict recovery counselor. She was not homeless.

    Carol adopted a a pit bull / Stafford named SugarPie – the one you see on her Facebook page. SurgarPie had been a “bait dog” and her teeth had been filed down. I observed Carol with this dog – very calm and very aware of any possible issues SugarPie might have – didn’t take her to crowded places, etc. SugarPie had to be put down the end of September.

    According to news reports, Carol adopted “Reggie” from SCRAPS in October.

    Carol worked until 2pm in the afternoon Mon – Fri. I knew that as soon as she got home (driving from downtown Spokane to Argonne Rd) she frequently would take her dog to Upriver Dr to let it run and play off leash.

    Carol Streit was NOT the person initially reported by Darrin Williams. Darrin and I spoke via phone – he saw a dark-haired woman covered in blankets with a Mastiff mix that was malnurished at 10:30 – 11:00 am on 12/13/23. Carol was at work at that time.

    I contacted the homeowner who has a security video of Carol. and she sent it to me. The date / time stamp is 12/13/23 @ 2:32 pm. Carol is clearly visible walking her new dog on a leash with a ball tosser (some people thought it was a stick). She walks past the house on the sidewalk with the dog leading the way, turns left into the field next to a white fence near an electrical substation. Behind the time stamp on the video you can see a tiny figure of Carol tossing a ball, picking it up, tossing it again, etc. After about 3 throws, you see her arm up to toss the ball then she suddenly falters backwards yelling NO so loud to be heard on the video, she is obviously struggling with the dog, trying to get it away from her neck and trying to get it off her. Within seconds she falls to the ground and is rolling around. In a second video you can hear her screamming Help! Help!

    Wounds reported by police and ME –
    Both arms “shredded” to the bone, right hand missing
    One report said there were chest wounds
    Her jacket and shirt were missing
    Her pants were pulled down below her waist
    She was lying face down (same position I saw on video)

    Neighbor with security video claims there was alot of blood on the ground and the police left it there.

    Police claim there was blood on the dog – per news report.

    Carol was an experienced dog owner with a calm personality. She was capable of staying calm under duress.

    Carol was physically strong and fit.

    Carol never abused or neglected her animals. I believe her family has ranch land in Montana – she understood animal behavior and the outdoors.

    Carol was a compassionate, kind, generous and highly intelligent individual who contributed to the lives of those around her.

  10. I spoke with Darrin Williams personally. He saw a different woman at 11 am Argonne Road. – Carol Streit was working in downtown Spokane until 2:00pm that day and every week day.

  11. How our nonprofit defines a fatal dog mauling:

    “We define a fatal dog mauling as 1.) A vicious attack 2.) resulting in severe or catastrophic injury and 3.) the victim dies. Severe injury includes: injuries requiring multiple surgical procedures, injuries resulting in broken bones, multiple deep bite injuries (Level 5 bite), and mutilation or amputation injuries. The vast majority of deaths occur immediately, or within hours of the attack or while the victim is hospitalized, typically one to several days or several weeks after the attack.”

    View the other heart attack injury cases we have recorded:

  12. The medical examiner is not lying. She was exposed in that field for 1.5 hours. Significant animal predation occurred in that time.

  13. Ok, I accept the coroner’s report – the dog didn’t kill the owner, it just started eating her soon after she collapsed. Still we have a dog that EATS PEOPLE – and it won’t be put down. Has some fool purchased it and taken it home yet? I’m glad I don’t live in Spokane… and I’m crossing my fingers they won’t be shipping that dog to my town.

  14. So what was the video about? I thought it said the woman could be heard screaming help… did she fall then scream help to get up? Did she fall to the ground having a massive heart attack and scream help? Am I missing something here? Please someone explain (smartassism not required I just would appreciate some help understanding I have dyslexia and severe A.D.D. and I live in Waco, TX where they no longer allow adderall or medication for adults with A.D.D. only for hyper undisciplined children)

  15. So the dog was just trying to protect its owner
    By devouring and consuming her arms?
    I know dogs are just “dumb” animals but come on man! Get real folks.
    No purebred collie golden retriever poodle shitz zhu chihuahua basset hound etc would go about protecting a cardiac arrest victim by shredding their limbs sorry no disrespect to her friend its just im not buying that load of crap and I’m offended and insulted by all pitbull propagandists and apologists who expect the public to believe their bs
    It’s narcissistic
    *please excuse my spellun’ errs I don’t use auto much because it has done more bad than good in the past for me ha ha and also I know I make up words sometimes
    Some jerk 1 time got all smart with me calling me an idiot on here that why the disclaimer cheers all

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