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28 thoughts on “2024 Dog Bite Fatality: Infant Killed, Mother Seriously Injured in Multi-Victim 'Family' Dog Attack in Woodbridge, New Jersey

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  1. Why was there a dangerous dog in a household with a baby? Why was there no one in the household who could control the dog? I guess the dog made all the decisions. It does sound like the mother was with the baby, but why couldn’t she control the dog?

  2. We all knew it was a pit before that Facebook post. I’ll never understand how people can feel safe with one of these fighting breed creatures in their homes, especially when they have babies/young children. I grew up with a miniature poodle…

    • But, wait! It was a [blank] staff terrier! Had to have been one of those evil Falstaff terriers!

      Sarcasm off.

  3. Of course the fb comment was removed, the majority of ppl these days seem to be allergic to the truth. That poor innocent baby. It gets harder over time for me to feel bad for the parents. There is a ton of info out there, before even getting a greyhound I did a lot of research to make sure they would be ok with my young children.

    • I think the family also doesn’t want the breed known because it affects e-begging on gofundme. Which, the description on the site calls it “a dog attack.” Should have said, at a minimum, “their dog attacking.” Instead, they leave culpability up in the air and shift blame away from their poor choices.

  4. Trying to educate people just draws ire. People prefer to be clueless.
    A couple on an Airstream page just posted how they are fostering 2 pit bulls for a shelter, in their airstream with them. I recommended they check out this site as shelters often do not disclose histories.
    I am awaiting the “it is not the breed, it is how they are raised”. If that were true, then no pits should be fostered or adopted from shelters because you have NO IDEA how they were raised.

    • And they use so many different names for them when basically they are from the stock that was bred to first grab bulls and be game enough to not release then for illegal dog fighting where they showed none of the normal things dogs due to avoid a fight. Pit Bull, American Bully, Staffordshire Terrier, they were even calling the Dade County terriers at shelters when there was a pit bull ban.

  5. I don’t understand why people choose to own a pitbull as a family dog most of everyone already know pitbull are dangerous doesn’t matter the love and patience you put to train it to be good some will snap and killed.poor baby have to died a painful death because her parents dog breed of their daughter is dead because her parents choose a pit bull as a pet they missed the opportunity to watch her grow up missed her first word her crawling her learning to walk and talk.

  6. It has been confirmed in the press that the dog was a pit bull and it has been euthanized by a vet.
    Mom was injured, dad was not. Mom has been released from the hospital.
    Ciccone calls it a “tragic incident”.

  7. Yesterday I was watching “funny pet videos” the other day. A lot of bully breeds and infants and toddlers. The problem is they seem fine and then they’re not. Actually back in the day, people did not
    put small children in the face of any dog for that reason.

  8. What does it take to get people to understand that pitbulls are extremely dangerous nanny dogs? It doesn’t surprise me that most people do not recognize the signs that the dog will eat the baby. I wish more people could be educated about the danger signs. How do we change this? I guess we won’t be able to find out if the dog was a rescue or raised in the home. Sex? Altered or not?

    • Here’s my problem with “see the signs” logic.

      Pitbulls ARE the sign.

      The problem with “seeing the danger signs” logic is that nobody has their eyes on a dog 24/7–it’s impossible. So, while the parent is picking up that toy, or making the bed, or whatever if the dog gives off “signs” and in that moment, the miss it–the next time there might be no signs, just a mauling. Most dogs will warn numerous times. Pitbulls often don’t warn, at all.

      It’s like when I watch people walking a large dog, pitbull or otherwise and it is criss-crossing ahead of them.

      That’s hunting behaviour. The owners don’t know it and they don’t see it nor do they stop it. While a Jack Russell might just be hunting the local squirrels, or a Labrador is hoping to retrieve dead game (or find stale doughnut crumbs)–there’s no way of knowing if that’s what a pitbull is doing.

      It may hunting for other dogs or humans–since their genetic instincts to hunt other dogs and humans is inbred. Since owners aren’t psychic, the simplest solution to this is ban pitbulls.

      Since we can’t know the history of the dog in a shelter/rescue and most dogs even if abused are still human-friendly afterwards, again, the solution is ban pitbulls.

      Pitbulls are like grenades with broken pins. Nobody in the general public needs one. Life will go on just fine, without them.

      If they were all replaced with beagles tomorrow we’d just be stuck with a lot of annoying yodelling which I think we’d all prefer over death and dismemberment.

    • I was reading recent research on dog bites/ maulings to children and the authors say that pit bulls are responsible for the most serious dog bites but go onto claim that ” intensive training” reduced the odds of a pit bull mauling people. Hasn’t there been several people who were dog trainers mauled to death by these horrible monsters? Isn’t it unlikely to prevent a pit bull in a killing mood to tell them to sit and stay no matter how much training they’ve had? I have a young lab that I have barely had to spend much time training who behaves far better than other dogs including cocker spaniels. So isn’t the truth that the degree the dog responds to training an inheritable trait? Are pit bulls biddable or easily trained like a border Collie or even a lab?

  9. This comment goes before :

    – Most likely a pitbull – ( there were some angry reactions )

    Then I read the most terrifying words, I can’t even imagine what that was like in real life !


    “The dog went into baby’s room while everyone was asleep. The mother heard the baby screaming and went in to try to save her baby and that’s when the dog tried to kill her, too.” !!!!

    And then this comment !!!! :

    (to )Carissa Lawson, News Anchor ,
    ty everyone hears about. These stories and think automatically pitbull. Sad”

    Sad – and tragic is the opposite!

  10. A baby was just murdered and the first reaction is to hide the shitty breed that once again acted according to its long known breed specifics behaviors.

  11. the reality is the level of inbreeding they did with those dogs ‘back in the day ‘ locked in deleterious genes ,any other breed clubs disallow inbreeding NOT UKC its perfectly fine create a monster and we will give you reg papers and even a Championship.

    • Please tell me which clubs don’t allow inbreeding. AKC certainly does.

      A fellow had worked for a pet shop for several years and was the top puppy seller. He told me that no inbreeding was allowed in the kennel, bitches were only bred once yearly and bitches were
      allowed to have only three litters in a lifetime. This man was going to see the kennel. I told him I wanted to talk to him after the visit. He never walked into that pet shop again. I knew he had been lied to.

      My point is this. is about dangerous dogs and dog attacks. No one really knows how kennel clubs operate and they have absolutely nothing to do with dog bites. There is no one in the Universe who can identify an inbred dog by looking at it. Nor does inbreeding make dogs dangerous biters. We have more important responsibilities.

      • She’s referring to the monstrous inbreeding, line-breeding, “tight breeding” by dogfighter bloodlines. The inbreeding of the XL American bully is so bad, it is part of the reason why the UK banned the XL.

    • Scary video. If that Mother had not been so quick and brave, the outcome could have been another child fatality by pit bull.

      No provocation whatsoever. Rushes in to make the kill. Just sickening to see a dog act like that.

      I seriously doubt that dog is a stray. No one will be held accountable.

      • For whatever reason, that pitbull intended to kill that child. It didn’t seem to
        want the mom
        for dinner, just the child. Thankfully Mom was tougher than the pitbull.

    • Wow! That pit looks happy as can be attacking and trying to get to that toddler. Not phased whatsoever by the kicks, hits or screaming by the mom.

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