2024 Dog Bite Fatality: Infant Killed, Mother Seriously Injured in Multi-Victim 'Family' Dog Attack in Woodbridge, New Jersey

Infant killed, mother injured in multi-victim family dog attack in Woodbridge. Pit Bull Confirmed UPDATE 03/11/24: On Monday, the prosecutor's office confirmed with News 12 New Jersey and WKXW that the dog involved in the deadly attack was a family pit bull. On Saturday, the dog attacked a 3-month old baby boy, killing him, and attacked his mother at their home on Mereline Avenue. The pit bull has been euthanized. The baby's mother has been released from the hospital. Middle… [Read full blog post]

2021 Dog Bite Fatality: Child Dies After Falling from Window, Mauled by Pit Bulls, in Elizabeth, New Jersey

A 3-year old boy is dead after falling from a window and being mauled by pit bulls. Joint News Release Elizabeth, NJ - On June 10, acting Union County Prosecutor Lyndsay Ruotolo, Elizabeth Police Chief Giacomo Sacca and Police Director Earl Graves issued a joint announcement about the death of a young child. Authorities are investigating the circumstances behind an incident where a 3-year old child fell from a rear window on the second story of a home and was subsequently atta… [Read full blog post]

2021 Dog Bite Fatality: Boy Killed, Mother Severely Injured in Violent Pit Bull Attack at Carteret Home

Aziz Ahmed, 3, was killed and his mother injured in a violent dog attack in Carteret. No Criminal Charges UPDATE 03/30/21: As expected, criminal charges will not be filed after the multi-victim attack by two pit bulls that killed 3-year old Aziz Ahmed and seriously injured his mother on March 16. New Jersey lacks a felony dog attack law, whereas California, Michigan and Texas do not. In short, there are no criminal codes available for prosecutors to charge the dog owner with. T… [Read full blog post]

New Brunswick Pit Bull Attack: Babysitting, the Zero Margin of Error Rule and a Young Girl Who Needs Help

Help For Harmony Fundraiser Violent Pit Bull Mauling New Brunswick, NJ - On July 3, a young girl was viciously attacked by two pit bulls while under the care of her babysitter at a home on Lufberry Avenue. Her younger brother was also at the home. Police officers responded to the scene and fired an "undisclosed number" of shots inside the home killing both dogs. Harmony Halyer, 4-years old, was transported to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in critical condition where… [Read full blog post]