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14 thoughts on “Animal Advocate Posts Video After Adopted Out Pit Bull-Mix Viciously Attacked a Carriage Horse in Cane Creek Park

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  1. The fur-covered ticking time bombs appear to be inert and/or attractive for a period of time, until they suddenly explode. When they do explode, there is no going back. Life is over, or much worse. Much much worse.
    Words are useless. Pepper spray is useless. Yelling “No!” is useless. Making oneself look bigger is useless. Attempting to retreat to safety is useless. Telling the obvious truth is useless. Just simply “watching out” is useless. Reporting loose dog violations to the police is useless. We are stuck with each person for himself, because people bring Serengeti animals into our neighborhoods.

  2. It’s a shame people have to learn the hard way that bred to kill dogs don’t belong in our communities. I feel more sorry for the horse though.

  3. Pit bull owner keeps shrilly yelling “Tucker!!!” over and over again but I hear “Fucker!!! As in Mother Fucker. Queen Charolette repeated stomps on that thing like it is a cockroach in the corner. You see her locating it with her eye as she is holding her front hoof high for a split movement before slamming it down. And that last kick is poetic.

  4. The attacking dog being an American Bulldog does not mean this is not a pit bull attack; the AB is a pit bull breed. Can’t say that often enough; attacks by mastiff crosses and bulldog crosses are pit bull attacks. The dogs are closely related; the owners’ claim that you can call one X and the other Y and they’re magically not related is just bullshit. It would be like me saying my Aussie isn’t a collie just because she’s not an AKC Rough Collie. The landrace is the landrace.

    If you do a slow and freeze-frame motion of the video, there’s one moment with a truly nasty shot of the dog lunging, teeth bared and mouth open, at the horse’s hind leg.

    Notice the dog was slowed but not entirely stopped by that final kick – the owners still piled on top of it to force it to quit. I’m not sure I buy that the horse’s kick was deadly; owner might have just decided to cut her losses.

    I think this vlogger being a horse person was pivotal, as horse people looking at this video will realize in a way non-horse people won’t, how terribly dangerous this was – and not just to the horse. When a horse hitched to a carriage bolts – as this horse would have bolted if that driver hadn’t held her back and fought the dog and been trampled – that horse and that carriage become a huge, lethal projectile. The carriage will stay upright for only a brief period before it flips. Everyone inside will be thrown out; if they’re lucky, they’re thrown clear but are possibly killed or injured by hitting the ground at speed without protection. Otherwise, they’ll be caught up in the carriage and dragged with it. The flipped, disintegrating carriage will be pulled wildly by the blindly fleeing horse, taking out anyone in its path. A lot of people could have been badly hurt or even killed.

  5. I am glad more people are realizing the dangerous and picking up the banner of public safety by speaking out against pit bulls as household pets. They are not, and never will be, a safe breed of dog for the average homeowner.

  6. To be honest, I am guessing that people were gathered around the pit to ensure that didn’t get loose and attack again.

    American Bulldogs are pit bulls with a touch of mastiff.

    Thank goodness the tide is starting to turn.

    For most of us in rescue who were blackballed for speaking out against pits, it is too late.
    It is also too late for hundreds of people and countless thousands of other animals.

    When will this insanity end?

  7. I ride horses and have come across unruly dogs. The majority will merely bark at a horse – most dogs know better than to actually attack a 1,000 pound animal.

    Pit bulls, though, when they get in that aroused state, will grip onto anything without regards for their own safety. That’s what they were bred to do, with either bulls or other dogs in a fighting pit.

    That situation led to the carriage driver and horse being seriously injured, and it could have been even worse if the horse bolted and flipped the carriage. I hope the horse and carriage driver recover.

    There’s a nice area with paths next to the riding stable where my horse lives that I have to avoid because I can’t trust that people will control their dogs. There’s a big sign at the entrance stating that dogs must be leashed and that there are horse riders in the area, but people still let their dogs run wild. I just ride around on the fenced stable property now. My horse can handle barking dogs with no problem, but a dog attacking him could result in both me and him being severely disabled or worse. It’s stupid because there are plenty of off-leash, horseless areas people can go to walk their dogs.

  8. Her video was overall good. But she needs to realize that there isn’t enough training on the planet to make someone suitable to own a pit. They are killing machines and have no purpose being owned by ANYONE. They need to be completely banned and removed from all communities. Hearing those children scream in that horse video terrified me. I was so worried the beast would go after one of the kids or the carriage would flip and hurt someone.

  9. Wow! Reminds me of Justice the mule. The pits in both videos just keep coming back until their bodies just give out, though this one had an owner that could finally get ahold of it, not before being mortally injured.

  10. The most outstanding remark this young woman made in the video was, “If you can domesticate a dog, you can UNdomesticate a dog and we have UNdomesticated these dogs turning them into wild animals.”


    Therein lies the absolute truth that pibble culties refuse to acknowledge.

    I commend this woman’s courage for saying that.

    • Yes. She is talking about breeding. Not “it’s how you raise them.”

      And in the case of pit bulls, a number of critical traits that were bred into domestic dogs to make them compatible for living with and among humans, have been bred out or subdued.

      Bite inhibition. What a novel concept!

      Meanwhile, a trait like gameness that is so insane that it runs counter to what natural selection produces (kamikaze behavior in animals isn’t going to get passed along genetically, for obvious reasons, where there is no controlled breeding and a restricted environment placed on the game-insane animals), has been bred INTO the pit bull.

      Gameness puts pit bull aggression beyond human control … unless the humans use lethal force that often requires a deadly weapon.

      Putting dog aggression beyond human control is not a great move if the idea is to have a dog that can live with/among humans, i.e., a domesticated dog.

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