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55 thoughts on “Texas College Student, 22-Years Old, Suffers 'Catastrophic and Permanent Injuries' Due to Violent Dog Attack at Coppell Home

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  1. That poor girl .I can’t imagine the pain she suffer being bitten by 2 vicious dogs. Those evil dogs bit both her ears off part of her nose half of the bottom of her eye. I hope she wins the lawsuit.pitbull are dangerous dogs no matter how those pitbull advocate claiming they are the sweetest dog ever.

  2. I can never believe it when even after their mutants maul an innocent person unprovoked, the crazy owners still support their beasts! The owners deserve jail time, they didn’t secure those mutants even while knowing they were aggressive and allowed someone to be alone with them.

    • The now proven danger they pose towards to any innocent person who happens to come into contact with them should call for their immediate euthanization.

      The owners need much more than a financial lesson taught to them. They should be sentenced to having no contact with pro-pit social media cultists, feeding them encouragement and support for their poor choices in pets.

      After seeing the devastated father on the news clip, I cannot believe how an owners {an MD at that} would want to hold on and keep their maulers.

      • Not the first time I’ve heard of an MD owning a pit bull. Matter of fact, I was the house guest of such a doctor, not once but twice.

        During the second visit, the wife was about to give birth to their first child. During one of our conversations, she told me that Gator (yes, that was the dog’s name) pulled a curling iron cord out of the wall.

        According to this mother-to-be, Gator did this because he was “protecting” her from the curling iron. Yeah, right.

        Truth be told, I was very wary of Gator, especially his habit of taking my arm in his mouth. According to the aforementioned lady of the house, he was doing this in order to get me to play with him.

        I do hope that, after the child was born, Gator went bye-bye.

  3. Jacqueline lost her face to these 2 ‘pet’ dogs, what a shocking situation to go through, her life is forever changed..
    She will have MANY surgeries in front of her, possibly 50+ or 100+ who knows?
    I couldn’t feel more sorry for an unsuspecting victim if I tried but these young women/men need to be up to date on dog attacks too, some people never blame or expect a pet dog to bite but millions of North American people are bitten each/every year! Some, like Jacqueline are nearly mauled to death, she would have been if she wasn’t saved, the dogs were trying to kill her!

    • The truth is if you are attacked and seriously injured or killed by an animal in the US that animal is not likely to be a shark or bear or puma, but is most likely to be DOG and that dog is most likely to be a pit bull or mix.

  4. This, people, is why I USED to be a dog sitter.

    I simply don’t feel safe around dogs anymore. Matter of fact, I go out of my way to avoid them.

    • I agree. Too many “mixed” breeds, and the more dangerous a dog is, the more the owner will lie about how “sweet” the dog is.
      This story really makes me sick, I have a daughter the same age. Jacqueline was likely looking forward to graduation and a bright future, perhaps marriage and a family of her own. Her entire life ruined because of a selfish, evil person who only care about getting a “vacation” no matter how risky it was for the dog sitter.

  5. I am currently a professional pet sitter, and I will only sit small dogs or cats. I was severely bitten by a potential clients “nice” pit bull dog. I have permanent scars and damage on my hand. I was able to collect my loss of wages and medical expenses from the clients homeowners insurance.
    Unfortunately, the oldest and most popular pet sitting organization, Pet Sitters international, is pro pit bull, and NEVER publishes any warnings or advice to its members regarding safety around dangerous breeds.

    • I’ve worked as a professional pet sitter for 12 years and do love my job. I recently requested to not have any more assignments with pit bulls after our pastor was attacked by his next door neighbor’s pit bull when he reached over the fence to pet her , as he had done without problem many times . This breed is just too unpredictable.

      • I love dogs but not Pitt bulls, Rotweilers, and Doberman Pinschers, they are too dangerous and very unpredictable, one minute they are very friendly and playful the next minute they are in attack mode, nope not for me give me a Golden retriever, Germen Shepherd, or Husky any day.

        • I love german shepherds too and trust my own GSD mix with me implicitly but I’m not so trusting of other people’s GSD and I don’t trust mine with strangers.

  6. My thoughts in no particular order:

    1. I believe Lucy is a Belgian Malinois pit cross. I base this on the images of these crosses. They tend to have super short fur (hers is much shorter than stock images of the BM), shorter neck (like hers), and many of them tend to have toned-down pitbull facial features. Studying her photo, you do see the lateral jowls protrude more on her than a BM. Her lower canines are also wider set like a PB.

    2. Is it possible 4yo Bender came from a Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform. ? The wife did a birthday fundraiser for them on 4/5/2018. A pit bull was the cover photo on that website at the time. From her FB: “For my birthday this year, I’m asking for donations to Dallas DogRRR – Rescue.Rehab.Reform. I’ve chosen this nonprofit because their mission means a lot to me, and I hope you’ll consider contributing as a way to celebrate with me. Every little bit will help me reach my goal.”
    From the DDRRR website: “Every animal deserves a chance. We never give up. If we have not found them a home then we have not tried everything yet. We take the unwanted, we take the broken, and we do what others call impossible no matter what the cost.”
    After reviewing this website, I am appalled at the animals that they do not euthanize, poor creatures with massive tumors and severe infections. If not from this website, where did Bender come from?

    3. I am very disappointed in this Hopkins-trained doctor. Surely, in residency, he heard about severe pit bull mauling victims?

    4. Mrs. and Dr. Bishop should have to look at Jackelyn’s face. A real hard look without looking away or closing their eyes.

    5. I hope the Bishops become pariahs. They certainly deserve it.

    • Wow, that shelter is full of idiots, clearly. And I don’t mean the dogs. “We don’t care how many volunteers, foster doggers or workers get mauled…THE DOG LIVES!”

      Maybe I’m off-base here but if it’s ONE bite law, then *after* that one bite, all bets should be off. And clearly these dogs bit this young woman and destroyed her life with more than one bite–so shouldn’t that be euthanasia right there?

      This woman’s life is destroyed and these yobs are keeping the dogs. Jaysus.

      • Yes, I think they are. I also notice that on the website of the shelter she was in she is only described as a “shepherd” and not a German shepherd. The Belgium malinois is also called the Belgium shepherd and it is a shepherd breed. The family likely made this designation because it is a more likable breed than a malinois. Also, anyone who knows GSDs knows that they do not bite, hold, shake, regrip like a malinois does. The attack she had from Lucy is more consistent with a BM, BM + pit mix, or GSD + pit mix. I do not think this dog is a GSD + pit mix because these look very different from her and look a lot more pitty.

        Colleen, any comment you may have on the “German” being added to the shepherd would be appreciated.

        • Christy, I am now convinced from your data that the two attacking dogs are pit bull mixes. And wouldn’t you know, the pitnutters are at it again. A friend who has a Westie sent me a photo story today of a Malinois befriending a tiny animal.

    • Doesnt look like a malinois mix to me, looks like a GSD mix or even a working line GSD or backyard bred GSD. Super short coats are possible in GSD in the working lines and the colouring (clear sable with a mask) is also totally possible and common in GSDs.

      It’s possible there’s malinois or pit in her but if so it’s not really evident from the photos.

      GSD have been bred for generations for police work – ie to bite humans, and they are known to be wary of strangers and very territorial so it’s not a surprise when under socialized GSD turn on people they don’t know (especially if those people are in their territory without being let in by the owners).

      It’s very sad and I hope she wins some kind of settlement and can heal from her horrific injuries.

  7. I used to petsit as a teenager. All the dogs were sweet and loving “old-fashioned” dogs. By old-fashioned I mean dogs who were obedience trained, house broken, well-socialized, and reputable breeds or mixes. Good dogs that were easy to keep and a pleasure to be around. There were no special rules or rituals required for their care.

    Now, two decades later I have progressed from a dog lover to extremely cautious. So many dogs have vicious pit bull heritage now and dogs tend to be spoiled, with owners making excuses rather than properly training.

    What happened to this precious young girl and many other pet sitters is simply unthinkable. When similar horrific injuries were performed by a chimpanzee, the news was alive with the story. You’d be hard-pressed to mention a pet chimp without someone bringing up that story and saying “I’d never go near one.” If only the pit bull stories were so well-known. This girl would probably never have taken the job. It is so, so disturbing when stories like this go basically unheard. No one should ever have to go through this again. No one should ever be mauled by a pit bull again.

    • These loons all think they’re rescuing the economy version cast-offs of Tiger King.

      Pretty sure most people would agree that snake handling religious groups are cults. If the snow bootie fits…

    • I agree, this is profoundly sad on every level. What Jacqueline suffered and will continue to suffer the rest of her life is unthinkable. There was a tiny piece of me that thought that her fate is almost worse than death. But as a mother, I know I would pray with all my heart that my child would live no matter what. Today, a beautiful two-year-old girl died after her aunt’s pit bull attacked her. The mother begged desperately for prayers in the face of severe brain damage and massive loss of blood. When will this pit bull plague ever abate? It seems to be getting worse.

      • Yes, it’s definitely getting worse, and I think it will get worse still before the pendulum swings the other way. The promotion of pit bulls and feel good messaging for rescuing known dangerous dogs is the default in our society right now. It’s persuasive and it’s powerful.
        I know people who I’ve shown this website, and they still chose to buy a pit or similar breed type. You just have to do your best to keep yourself and your own family safe, such as not allowing your children to play at a home that includes a risky dog.

    • When a woman’s face was torn off by a crazed chimp it was on Oprah and ALL over the news outlets. Mauling (s) and death by dog are hopelessly under reported. As a former TV journalist, I do my best to call media outlets and encourage them to cover these stories, usually to no avail. The news is in bed with advertisers and the pet industry is a multi-million $$$ juggernaut. As is the ASPCA. They run endless PSA’s with staged scenes with (mostly) pit bulls shivering in the cold with some sappy music in the background. Most of their money goes to their top executives, while suckers keep the money rolling in.

      • Exactly. Follow the money. I’ve been saying that for over a decade about dog “rescue”.

        Used to be you bought from a breeder or the local pound or in some areas there might be a Humane Society Shelter. Dogs came in one door, went out the other and any that showed aggression was euthanized because nobody wanted to get sued or take the risk. Mongrels were cheap as chips. Makes me wonder how much of this spay/neuter pushing had more to do with shoving up the cost of dogs while providing less choice.

        Now people are “importing” (who knows if any of the bullspit they spew is actually true) from so-called street dogs in other countries. Friggin things cost $800-1.5k for mutts.

        It’s a racket. Pure and simple. Also, many would rather you pay them to care for the dog they keep in foster care–than physically adopt one.

        It’s upside down.

        • “Makes me wonder how much of this spay/neuter pushing had more to do with shoving up the cost of dogs while providing less choice.”

          This is a very good point. It likely didn’t start out this way but it has resulted in purebred and designer bred prices to skyrocket. This has resulted in the rapid proliferation of pits because pit owners tend to be irresponsible and/or hopeful they can get-rich-quick on a litter.

          • The pit bull ownership isn’t simply irresponsible or money-hungry, they’re asocial. Their unique resistance to speuter is rooted in the same instincts that draw them to pit bulls – the fighter fans like the criminal nature of dogs that kill other dogs, and the victim fans like the “I’m a rebel and only God can judge me” fantasy they concoct about the dogs. Criminal dogs don’t get sterilized; rebels don’t subscribe to the norm that is speuter.

  8. The doctor who co-owns these vicious dogs has prolific authorship of articles, books and speaking engagements. At 41, Dr. Justin Avery Bishop has published more than 200 journal articles, 35 book chapters, and 9 books, and lectured extensively both nationally and internationally. He has a long and lucrative career ahead of him as a distinguished surgical pathologist of the head and neck.

    Yet Dr. Bishop and his wife could not remember their promise to Jacqueline to kennel their dogs. They did not represent the true danger of the dogs at their appointed meeting. They did not have their dogs professionally kennelled. A man and his wife too busy w their careers to extend even common courtesy to a young person. Errors of omission, misrepresentation, carelessness, and bad judgment. Profound negligence!

    • As far as I’m concerned the alibi that they weren’t in their kennels can be set aside. They probably would have sprung on Jacqueline the instant they had the chance to do so. And they did!

      That “doctor” needs a swift boot up the…

    • Something I missed on first viewings on YT.

      David Begnaud of CBS reported,
      “When the dogs rushed her, the door was left open and that triggered a security alarm at the home of Justin and Ashley Bishop.”

      Shouldn’t the Bishops have been cognizant that the front door alarm would trigger overexcitation in their dogs when Jacqueline was taking them out for walks? Or if she had difficulty w the locks or getting inside, which we know she did. Dogs’ hearing is 2-4X greater than that of humans.

      Why wouldn’t the Bishops have calibrated the alarm or turned it off completely to protect Jacqueline? Despite their fear they might be robbed. Their sign exhibits the Bishops’ awareness their dogs were overexcited with visitors. Why didn’t they take the next step w the alarm?

      More negligence added to the fact they did not honor their civic and employer responsibility to Jacqueline by not crating their dogs as promised.

      • It’s a good job they didn’t disable the alarm as apparently the alarm going off is what alerted anyone to the attack in the first place and caused police to be called out.

  9. I just read about Joslyn Stinchcomb yesterday, who was attacked by a pitbull 1.5 years ago in ATL. I thought about a campaign we can each do “Ban pitbulls by 2030 in the USA.”

    I “just happened” to be approached by a city councilwoman and emailed by my US Senator yesterday. So I let both know my priorities.

    BTW, both Jacqueline Durand and Joslyn Stinchcomb have issues w their eyes area. I am including in my daily prayers now that their eyes are irrigated normally again. This sounds like it may be an issue for many victims of pitbull attacks given they are usually attacked on the head and face.

  10. This poor young victim, along with most dog ‘lovers’ are just simply unaware that a dog is capable of causing this type of damage… it must be reported, the reality of it shown so the average person is aware that this happens! She didn’t actually die but folks don’t care even if she did, the actual gruesome pics of her injuries should be allowed to be shown everywhere! Yes, folks, this is what domestic, family dogs can and do, to 1000s of people each/every year in the US alone..45 people don’t survive these vicious maulings and are actually killed, each year in the US…

  11. This poor girl is going home after 2 months in the hospital. She’s alive, but still in horrible shape. God bless this gentle soul. I wish her only good. So, what happened with the dangerous dogs??? This latest release only refers to a “tragic incident.” Usually, we hear “accident.” This was completely preventable. Last I read, the owners of the murderous mutts were trying to keep them alive.

  12. Thanks, Colleen. Similar to the dogs that killed the 7-year old whose mother worked for the TV station. Unbelievable these killers are still alive and need to be examined. BTW, I was happy to see a Miami TV station refer to your website for statistics and info. The more people who can be educated by your research the better.

  13. I watched this graphic and incredibly heartbreaking story. National media is the only way to get people’s attention. What I found so disturbing was the rescuers (cops & EMT’s) waiting 37 MINUTES while these monsters tore this tiny, young woman apart. Why didn’t they shoot their way in? There’s footage of these aggressive dogs going after them at the front door.

    • Colleen, I remember your saying the saddest thing in this horrific story was, “they saw her legs.” It seems they knew someone was in the house with these blood-thirsty dogs, but they waited for back-up. I’ve seen stories lately of cops and armed civilians shooting attacking dogs. The aftermath is often, why did you have to shoot the poor thing? (This is where I want to scream!)Yes, why did they wait? We’ve seen regular folks with baseball bats, knives or whatever trying to save a victim. It’s unthinkable how much agony this girl could have been spared had they beat these dogs off immediately and gotten to her.

  14. Jacqueline Durand’s admirers can read this story on her as well. The amount of blood shown in this NY Post article is heinous. The police struggled to get the dogs under control? Why didn’t they just shoot both of them dead immediately?!!

    When I initially saw the photo Christy linked, I was overjoyed that her face was still w her. Her legs looked so spindly, though, looking tattooed and skin grafted.

    Thanks, Colleen, for posting the newer coverage.

    Jacqueline is so tiny but a giant in bravery. I will be praying for her daily for the rest of my life. She is a miracle!

    • I’m praying for her and her family, too. The dog nuts who try to defend or rationalize this attack will have a hard time with this one. This girl is such a goodhearted animal lover. I’m sure these dogs had a temperament test at the shelter before they were “rescued” by this couple who happen to have children in the home. (One is 3 years old!) There goes that theory about predicting aggressive behavior.

  15. Thank you, Colleen, for your excellent March 20, 2022, update.

    The dogs are having blood tests to determine Lucy’s mix breed, right? Some of us were speculating that it might be Malinois-pitbull. Would someone kindly share that info w us here when revealed?

    I was surprised to discover that a pleasant low-key response to someone a few days ago on Tubeyox generated a cancelled comment when I wrote 1 sentence about the owners’ dogs as pitbull mixes.

    Colleen, I hope you will allocate lots of space here for comments as we follow this case which may last years. Thank you for providing comment space so we can talk w and learn from like-minded citizens.

  16. Jacqueline is a very brave and courageous young lady indeed. She will need alot of financial help with her surgeries, and rehab, and starting a new life, even if she wins this lawsuit. Another young lady who lost her lip to a pitbull is getting a new one for $400k. These surgeries aren’t cheap. Many small donations and sharing her story far and wide will help I’m sure. Owners/handlers of large, potentially aggressive dogs need to be more responsible. I don’t know her personally but you can tell from her social media she is a kind and loving person and didn’t deserve this.

  17. I can’t find any news of what happened to the dogs. I see that they were ordered to be euthanized but also the “the order is being appealed.” Note the use of passive voice – who was or is appealing to keep the dogs alive? The Bishops? The rescues?

    The media focus has been on Jacqueline and her recovery – the Bishops and the rescue are not getting much attention. Apparently keeping quiet is working in their favor.

    I would like to see news that the dogs have been destroyed.

    • They were put down after a specialist evaluated them for behavior purposes. That was the only reason that euth was delayed.

    • It’s complicated — as lawsuits always are. The case is ongoing. Lots of depositions have been taken, Discovery is ongoing, and a jury trial is scheduled for March 2024. If a significant development occurs, I am sure that there will be a media report about it. Anyone can see the docket for her case (CC-22-00369-D) by typing in her name, DURAND, JACQUELINE, at the following URL:

      • I had a look again today and see that the jury trial is set for November. Wow, it might be three plus years before the poor girl finally gets some justice for all that she has suffered.

  18. CL: Your comments are always so reasonable and well informed. Thank you. Are there any updates?

    I am seeing a serious power imbalance in this case, too. Among all the heartbreaking injustices of it.

    Perhaps Dr. Bishop was perceived by the police as an authority figure and all our society’s reverence for that power played a role in the 37 minute delay before the police began protecting her.

    Protect and serve–but maybe protect and serve some more than others. I have seen that. We all have seen that.

    Maybe the police didn’t want to damage the Bishops’s property by breaking in.

    I have dealt with sneering police who represent the arrogance of a town’s elite. Those who respect some people’s property more than they respect the lesser human beings who also pay their salary out of their property taxes.

    I hope the young lady’s lawsuit is successful and that she is awarded more than she asks for. Nothing can compensate for her losses. She will never have the life she would have had if she had not gone to work for the Bishops.

    I agree with all those who see their warning sign as proof they knew the dogs were easily triggered.

    We live in a privilege and status-worshipping society. Jacqueline Durand is on the lower end of the teeter totter from the Bishops.

    “Who has the best-paid lawyer” is frequently the winning game in court. I hope for the best for her but I doubt she has the assets they have.

    I have been terrorized by dogs over the course of my life, and my children and dogs have too.

    With a PhD education in psychological theory, I think I see narcissism on the part of some dog owners.

    In the case of pit owners–and owners of other latently aggressive & under-trained dogs– the choice of such a pet despite its horrible reputation suggests to me anti-social narcissism, or social antipathy, maybe psychopathology.

    To me it often seems that an intimidating dog expresses what the owner feels but does not want to own. The dog does that mean “talk” for them. They continue on with their friendly demeanor while their dog lunges at you or your dog or it attacks your children off leash in a public place while the owner stands helpless. (That happened.)

    I’m not talking drug dealers and dog fight enthusiasts here. I am talking about nice, upper class McMansion-dwelling suburbanites.

    Like my town, full of pit and pit bull mix owners walking around with halos on their heads: “Aren’t I great for rescuing this dog?” Or apologizing when they have bought from a breeder. Or they look at my purebred and comment with moral superiority.

    –My dog weighs 10 pounds and literally would not hurt a fly. She amuses herself catching snowflakes and falling leaves. She is the kind of dog I think most people should own: A gentle, well-trained companion. She will bark when someone approaches the house but she would not dream of attacking.

    Another person may be drenched in pit propaganda, but if sensitive, responsible, and thoughtful, would not invite that risk to live in their home and scare their community.

    There is a serious, dangerous social disconnect going on. Surely there is some mental derangement involved as well.

    Bring up the problem and some pit lover will immediately say they are the best and mock your concern. One class I could not return to when the pit subject came up and a pit lover bullied me for stating the facts (from this website).

    I am very grateful to this website for its support. It is not easy to find sanity in a society where human life is treated as less valuable than a dog’s right to bite.

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